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what does an average high school girl wear?

i have been homeschooled my whole life and am going to be starting regular high school (im a junior) in a couple weeks. i want to know what to wear (hair/clothes/makeup) so that i fit in and not the weird homeschooled girl!

if it makes any difference, i live in washington up on the coast by canada

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    Check out these stores, they sell clothes that all the girls(including me) wear at highschool:P

    -Forever 21:

    -American Eagle:


    -Charlotte Russe:

    -Wet Seal:

    Source(s): Hope I could help:)!
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    Wear jeans and clever tee-shirts. It doesn't matter what style of jeans, just wear *your* style. Don't wear skinny jeans if you don't look good in them, because people will call you either fat or a poser. (not saying you are, it's just an example.) Delia's has awesome tshirts, and if you're nerdy has some awesome ones too. (yes, i'm a geek, but i'm a cool one.) But honestly, don't worry too much about it. Faking who you are to fit in doesn't pay off, and it's far too tiring. If you act and dress like yourself, you'll find friends who like you for your confident personality, not just a homeschooled wannabe.

    Source(s): I'm a senior in high school, but i live on the complete opposite side of the country :)
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    i usualy don't care what i wear as long as i "fit in". just wear some skinny jeans with a tight shirt. since its winter wear some furry boots. your going to be knew so i wouldn't do anything weird with your hair. just straighten it. for make up, wear a base that is slightly darker that your skin tone. you can get it from walmart. with eyeliner just put it on your top eyelid then add some mascara(any color you like)

    hope this helps

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    Wear clothes that you normally wear. Don't just change your appearance because you want to "fit in."

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    These are some, but you can always look through a magazine like Seventeen for ideas.

    Skinny jeans

    T shirt/ Band tee's/ Graphic tee's




    Tank tops

    Knee high boots/ Ankle boots/ or Uggs



    Long necklaces




    Totes(Instead of backpacks)

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    well, i'm 14&a girl!


    i mostly wear, hollister,aeropostale,american eagle, skinny jeans,tank tops, flats,converse, hoodies, garage, sometimes band tees,straight leg jeans, never flare.. i hate them.


    its dark brown, i usually parten it on the side, and straighten it.

    when i'm really lazy or running late,i do my fav thing, put it back in a simple headband!:D


    i wear lipgloss&mascara.

    looking natural, is best in my eyes:)

    ..but it all depends on your style&what you like!

    hope i helped a bit,

    have fun&good luck =)

    answer mine please?;_ylt=Ap8sQ...

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    You have the same name as me:) ut i dont spell it with an e.

    I wear Areopostale, American Eagle. Pretty much anything i think is cute! War what you think is cute:) it doesnt matter

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    uh, MOST of them wear tight, low cut, layered t-shirts, and bleached, tight, ripped jeans

    But just wear what you like. Unless you're like, Amish, you probably already dress normal.

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    skinny jeans, tank tops, mascara, lip gloss, vans, converse, graphic tees and yup that's all :)

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