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Retinol acid eye-drops?

Do u know the name of any products of eye-drops which contain Retinol acid?

for treating xerophthalmia

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    Retinol acid is used for treating wrinkles and sometimes acne (Retin-A) - definitely not something you want to put in your eyes. While dry eyes can be caused by a vitamin A deficiecny, you could try an over the counter lubrican drop for the dry eyes. Also consider eating a diet rich in vitamin A. Systane is good. It comes in preservative free vials also. I also like Optive, which is a little thicker than the Systane. Avoid products like Visine, Clear Eyes, and drops that "get the red out" - these drops contain vasodilators and will make your dry (& maybe red) eyes worse with prolonged use. If your dry eyes are really bad, you can try Soothe from Bausch & Lomb or Restasis, which is prescription only. As a last resort you could consider surgical options like punctal plugs.

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    Retinol Drops

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