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What exactly is considered "chatting" on Yahoo Answers?

Have you ever been reported for chatting?

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    In theory? Anything that isn't strictly in a Question or Answer format. If an item isn't a "who, what, where, when or why" sort of affair it *could* be misunderstood as Not a Question. If an item doesn't literally address the word-for-word, face-value Question at some point, it *could* be misunderstood as Not an Answer.

    In actual practice? Anything and everything. Basically people get nailed unfairly for the "Not a Question/Answer" answer thing all the time, as well as for using ordinary, commonplace pronouns of address such as "you". Essentially reporter trolls abuse the living hell out of the "chatting" violation, and use it as a catchall phrase, much like "Insulting other Members" is.

    And Yahoo! lets them do this, so long as most of their unfairly placed venom is directed at this category of Polls & Surveys. It gets complicated and nasty from there, but basically Yahoo! doesn't have the *guts* to actually delete any of their old-school, long-time trolls from the system. That's the simplest way to put it.

    And keep in mind, Gentle Asker, that the venom, the over-the-top loathing of the Category, really is misplaced. Unlike *Most* other Yahoo! Services, Y! Answers attempts to be all-ages--Yahoo! lowered the minimum age of entry to 12 years old for a reason, originally. Yahoo! *Invited* the younger members here.

    Pity the haters in other Categories didn't get the memo.

    Thanks kindly for your time.

    Source(s): Experience. Being here on Answers for a while. The date on my profile here is genuine--this is my one and only account here, it dates back to when having multiple accounts was a bannable offense.
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    It's very vague and they don't explain it very well when I appeal it.

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    "How are you?"

    P.S. Regulars, do not click on link.

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