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Lowe Alpine vs Deuter? Opinions please?

Both of these packs seem similar, and high quality. Based on personal accounts, does anyone know if one is better than the other?

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    I own a Deuter and I have a friend who swears by them.Deuter is huge in Europe. They have some of the greatest light weight packs. I do feel like Lowe is a little heavier, and Gregory being extremely heavy, all looking at the same sized pack of course. I`ve seen some Lowe Alpine packs, never actually used them so I cant tell you their pro`s and cons but I can tell you you wont regret buying a Deuter pack. They have some of the best back ventilation I`ve seen on a pack, sure my back sweats a bit from exertion but not like it has with other packs. They`re also very durable, I`ve done numerous bushwacks with my Deuter and havent ahd any pulls or tears. Aside from fit (I`d definitely go into the store and try it on with stuff in the pack) I believe pack weight is important. If you`re concious of the items you are putting in your pack to save weight why not start with the pack. I`d rather carry a 3 lb empty backpack instead of a 5 lb. Thats 2 more pounds of gear or even an extra sweatshirt thats heavy weight you can add to your pack if you really need to bring it along if you had the 3lb pack. if I had the 5lb pack I wouldnt take it because that weight is already found in the packs structure. (The pack weights are just examples...I dont want anyone saying LOwe or Deuter doesnt carry a 3lb or 5lb pack)

    Source(s): Eagle Scout NY Backpacking Guide
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