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Question for fellow paleoists and Ron Paul supporters?

As a paleoconservative/paleolibertarian of many years, I can't help but notice how many people involved in the movement seem to be the same group of people as the alternative medicine/natural healing/vitamins & supplements crowd. These people point out how Merck, Eli Lilly, Monsanto, and others are being allowed to pollute the air, poison us with GM foods, and gain FDA approval of medication regardless of side effects - despite wanting even less regulation of these companies.

I don't want to seem rude to friends and start arguments, so I'll ask here:

I understand price-fixing and other protectionist measures by government agencies such as the USDA and FDA, as well as state/local governments forcing fluoridation of water, which would not be the case in a free market. But with the same libertarian free market, companies would have much more freedom to do what they want, and the only thing stopping these companies would be the court system, out-of-court settlements, and/or private arbitration. Thus while government-forced/government-encouraged abuses will end, free-market abuses will still continue or possibly worsen.

Anyone know why these people would be attracted to libertarianism?


Yes I've read Milton Friedman's "Free to Choose" and know about competition and free-markets, but I'm referring to the short-term.

Update 2:

Short-term meaning a small-business "nice" drug company will take quite a long time to become as powerful (if it doesn't fail first). And there's always the risk of "selling out" like Google has after the IPO.

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    First, do you really think the FDA and the USDA do a good job at regulating? Most of these corporate drug companies are in collusion with government and have tons of money and lobbyists influencing legislation. "Corporatism" is a bigger problem with big government and big regulations than with a genuinely free market, and as a so-called libertarian, you should know that.

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    Read Milton Friedman

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  • that free market abuses will continue is a myth. the entire premise of liberty is to have faith in man instead of government. nobody wants to use a good or service that sucks or participates in bad practice. free market business lives or dies on reputation and quality. all government needs to do is protect property rights and contracts. i.e. fraud laws. it is special priviliges to favored companies FROM the government that encourages bad business

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