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are there really aliens on this earth?

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    Yes. There is scientific data that they have landed on this Earth.

    In 1947, Roswell, new evidence uses digital imaging to view a memo that had the word "disc" and "victims" on the memo.

    In 1986, there is scientific evidence using military radar that confirmed a spacecraft of unknown origin was flying circles around a 747 jumbo jet that was going 600 mph. This was all captured on radar and cockpit voice recordings.

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    Then there is NASA Astronaut testimony that confirms he has been briefed there is Alien life on this planet.


    Astronaut Edgar Mitchell: Oh, yes. There is not much question at all, but there is life throughout the universe. We're not alone in the universe at all.


    Mitchell: Oh, I know for sure we're not alone in the universe. Now, have we been able to identify for sure where the other (inhabited) planets are? No, we haven't, certainly not in our solar system. But they have identified quite a number of planets now that very likely could be life-bearing planets.

    I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomenon is real, although it has been covered up by our governments for quite a long time.


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    Now, if you can't believe digital imagery, radar data, and a NASA Astronaut, then you can't believe people on YA.


    Source(s): SOURCES: Digital imagery, NASA, Radar, Doppler Radar, FAA, Astronauts . .
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    according to the disclosure from several military leaders from the 50's and 60's like Sgt. Clifford Stone and Command Sgt. Robert O. Dean who worked in levels of military and government who's sole purpose was to deal with this subject matter, these guys are real, and their services can be verified in government, Sgt. Stone's duty was to make physical contact with other world beings when ever a object landed and was captured, he has communicated with being on board them, there is a whole other science here that we are not privy too, humans are still in a state of dumbness when it comes to understanding their place in the universe and how aliens perceive us, and they should know, they were witnesses to man's birth.

    Sgt. Dean worked in the military wing of NATO under a program called S.H.A.P.E. that cover UFOs and his conclusions are the same, contact has long been established, the problem ? not all aliens are created equal in our eyes, not all have the same motives for man, that's the scary part.

    Dean say's there are many that walk among us and you would not know it in a crowded room, and that scares our leaders, some have good intent of wanting to help humans evolve from our state of confusion and help us, those that are established within our military industrial complex, will not allow it, they have much more sinister plans for the human race, just turn on the news and see what is going on with the human race, Swine flu's, Wars, Economic collapse, disease, over population, and now were looking at a future emergence of one world government ? who are these creatures inside these think tanks running the world ? they surely don't have human beings in their best interest.

    Source(s): visit Project Camelot on the internet. Dolores Cannon- Author, Keepers of the garden, the custodians, the convoluted universe series.
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    I am from China, and I am now in the USA where I am an alien. There is no genuine evidence that ET aliens have ever been here. I calculate that our fastest rockets would require 7200 years to travel to the nearest planet outside our solar system. It is a gas giant about 1.5 times bigger than Jupiter at Epsilon Eridani. Relativity show the universe has speed limits. No spaceship can ever travel fast enough to overcome the vast distances between stars in our part of the galaxy. anyone who claims that ET aliens are here is quite ignorant of astronomy and physics. I see some people who use groundless fantasy, rather than genuine science, in their answers. EDIT: Hamsster is one of those people I mentioned who use only bad fanatsy. He has used some known hoaxes that are so absurd it is difficult to imagine anyone being gullible enough to believe them. Youtube is hardly a reputable source for science.

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    No, there are not aliens on this planet, but consider this. When an asteroid hits a planet if there are microorganisms on that planet, they go flying into space. Some scientist believe that that's how life stared on Earth which means we evolved from organisms not native to Earth. This means we are all aliens.

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    No. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that aliens are on Earth, either now or in the past.

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    i'll give you a serious answer...probably not, unless they are around us like ordinary people and we dont know it, but i doubt it. there is supposedly water on other plantes so maybe they exist but as of right now, they are not on earth

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    Wasn't Michael Jackson enough evidence?

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    people cam to this planet from mars thousands of years ago, so technically we are all aliens

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    I'm not sure if they're on the Earth, but i do think they're out there.

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    Yes. They are studying us so that they can get rid of us efficiently when the time is right.

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