What do these environmental jobs/education do?

environmental studies

environmental science

environmental engineer

environmental scientist


environmental biologist

environmental consultant

*sigh* I want to enter this field but which to study for idk..

if i left any other environmental related job out let me know :|

so what do I do for each job, what will I study for it? and how much do they pay

heck best answer who gets info on all of those jobs I'm sure a lot of you won't wanna write bout all that -.- anyway thanks in advance ^__^

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    They're pretty much the same job except for the title and one or two minor job detail differences. They don't pay all that much, probably no more than your average Walmart stocker.

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    They're all bassically the same thing, but each one is slightly different. They all deal with environment, but focus on something specific like biology or science or consultant. All you gotta do is start with environmental studies, and then choose what path you wanna head to from there that deals with the environment.


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