What Do You Think Of The Names Of The Decade And The Top Names Of 2009? Do You Like Them?

Top girls' names of the decade

1. Emma

2. Emily

3. Madison

4. Isabella

5. Ava

Top boys' names of the decade

1. Aiden

2. Jacob

3. Ethan

4. Matthew

5. Nicholas

Top girls' names of 2009

1. Isabella

2. Sophia

3. Emma

4. Olivia

5. Ava

Top boys' names of 2009

1. Aiden

2. Ethan

3. Jackson

4. Jayden

5. Jacob

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Emma - I like it a lot, but i'm surprised it is the top name of the decade! I think Rachel and Ross on Friends naming their baby Emma may have had a part to play in this. But i suppose it is just a name that isn't amazing but is just nice, everyone accepts it.

    Emily - A very common name now, I'm not a fan but i know a lot of people called Emily, and I was born in the mid-90s, so it has been popular for a long time now.

    Madison - I have only recently come to really like this name, since using Yahoo Answers really. I think it is more popular in America than in Britain, because i don't think i know anyone called Madison where i live. But it is a lovely name so i can see why it would be popular.

    Isabella - Can of course be shortened to Bella, which is a very popular nickname these days. With Twilight as well, Isabelle + Isabella are becoming very popular lately. I know a couple of people called it, but most of them are babies, but i really do love the name.

    Ava - I am surprised to see this here! It is a really beautiful name but i never really thought it was that common, but i guess in America it must be. I love it though, but i only know of one or two Avas.

    Sophia - I can actually see why this is here. I know a few children whose names are Sophia, but i know a lot of teenagers my age called Sophie, so i guess it is a nicer and less common version of that. Well it's clearly not anymore!

    Olivia - I like Olivia, but the only problem I have with it is I don't like the nicknames it produces (Liv, Libby etc.) But i can see why it would have grown in popularity, i know a few people called Olivia, and it is a nice name.

    Aiden - I'm not a fan of Aiden, it is very common now, and i don't like it because of that. And it can only really be shortened to 'ade' which is an older name, so not that nice. But i can see why it would be here, i know a lot of younger people who's names are Aiden.

    Jacob - I like Jacob. Again maybe Twilight has some bearing on this, but mostly i think because it is a common biblical name and overall it is a nice name. I like 'jake' and 'cub' that it can be shortened to, so generally i can see why it is on this list.

    Ethan - I am not the biggest fan of Ethan, but it is not really that popular in Britain, i mean i have heard of a few Ethan's but not many. It must be popular in America then, and actually yes, there was an American man on 'The X Factor' called Ethan, and on Flashforward there is an Ethan. I just never thought it was that common, but it's ok i suppose.

    Matthew - A very common name in Britain, i know many Matthews, so i guess it is the same in America. A plain simple name that sounds good all the time, just a bit boring now i think.

    Nicholas - I know quite a lot of Nicholas', but they are all different ages. I never thought it was really common, but i guess it is. I think the name is OK is suppose.

    Jackson - I don't much like it as a first name. I suppose jackson of 'hannah montana' may be a force behind this, but probably not much. I don't know any Jackson's, so it must be an american thing. It goes with lots of middle names though.

    Jayden - I think Jayden is quite a ncie name, but i know nobody in England called Jayden i don't think. I didn't think it was that popular, but when i think about it most of these names, boys especially, are mainly American names, so i don't really know what is and what isn't popular over there.

    I am surprised by some things on the list actually, but i thought this was really interesting :)

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  • I don't like Madison at all for a girl. Honestly, why would anyone want to name their daughter something that means 'Son of Matthew'.

    Emma's okay, and so is Isabella. I really like Emily and I think Ava's cute.

    I love Olivia and wish it wasn't so popular. Sophia is very pretty as well.

    I don't like Aiden or Jayden. Jayden just looks trashy in my opinion, no offense to anyone who likes it. It looks so much better without that Y in the middle.

    Ethan is nice, and I like Jacob. I love Nicholas, and Matthew is a classical name :) I don't love Jackson, but it's okay.

    Hope I helped :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Emma - I like this name. It's short and sweet.

    Emily - This is a beautiful, classic name.

    Madison - I loved the name Madison about seven years ago, but the misspellings (Madyson, Madisyn, Maddysyn, etc) caused me to develop a strong dislike of this name over the years.

    Isabella - This is one of my favorites. I would consider using this name on a future daughter.

    Ava - I love it, but I prefer the German pronunciation (AH-vah) over the English pronunciation (AY-vah).

    Sophia - Nice, but I like Sophie better.

    Olivia - I like it. It reminds me of Olivia from 'The Cosby Show.'

    Aiden - It's not my favorite, but it's okay. I prefer the Aidan spelling.

    Jacob - I like it. Jacob is a strong, masculine name.

    Ethan - Love it! This is another strong, masculine name. I'm surprised when people say this name sounds "too girly." I hope this name doesn't become popular on girls.

    Matthew - This is a nice name. I don't like the nickname Matt, though.

    Nicholas - It's okay. Not one of my favorites.

    Jackson - This is definitely a name I would *not* use on a future son. It reminds me of President Andrew Jackson.

    Jayden - I can't picture an older man with the name Jayden.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's funny because some of my all time favorite names are on these lists!!

    I love Emma and Emily! So cute. And Olivia's pretty too. For boys, I Loveee Matthew! I'm planning to name my child that. I also love Aiden, Ethan, and Jacob :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    I love Emma Madison Isabella and Ava

    I love Aidan Jacob Ethan and Matthew

    I love Isabella Sophia Emma and Ava

    I love Aidan Ethan Jayden and Jacob

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  • I like the following names


    Ava, Sophia and Olivia


    Jacob, Ethan, Matthew and Nicholas.


    I hate Emma and Emily as they are overused and thinking about it, they are very childish. I don't think either of them will age well. I hate Isabella as it's so overused and rather boring. I used to love it but now I hate it. I hate Madison for a girl as it's traditionally a boys name. It's masculine and very ugly for a little girl. It means SON of Maude/Matthews SON.

    For boys I hate Aiden. I do like the name but I prefer the proper, traditional spelling Aidan. Aiden is ugly and misspelled. It's also highly overused. I don't like Jackson. It's one of those surnames that should remain a surname. I don't like Jayden because it is trendy crap and I don't see anything appealing about it.

    My 2 favourites are Sophia and Matthew.

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  • 3 years ago

    women: Emma -- this variety of candy call, yet i'm incredibly rather ill of it at this factor. :) Emily -- Like Emma: very effective, yet too overused for way too long. Madison -- I form of enjoyed it the 1st time I heard it (in 1999), yet after 10 years... Isabella -- I enjoyed it until eventually Twilight fever broke out. Ava -- i haven't rather considered/met many women named Ava yet, so i haven't gotten ill of it yet. :) Sophia -- very effective, yet too elementary now. Olivia -- My well-known of a majority of those names. i like it, and have not gotten ill of it yet. :) Boys: Aiden -- i admire this call. Too undesirable that is been overused and corrupted with knock-off names. Jacob -- like it...i could even nevertheless evaluate utilising it, because of the fact it is so classic. Ethan -- My well-known boy call for numerous years. i myself desire it wasn't so accepted. :( Matthew -- effective, classic call, even however that is been so accepted for consequently long (I knew dozens of youngsters named Matt transforming into up, and curiously so will my daughter, lol). Nicholas -- i'm pleasantly stunned that it is that accepted. i admire this call. Jackson -- superb call. Jayden -- the sole one on right here that incredibly screams well-known to me. I do like it, however. great question! thank you! :)

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  • YES- Like

    NO- Dislike

    Top girls' names of the decade

    1. Emma- NO

    2. Emily- YES

    3. Madison- YES

    4. Isabella- YES

    5. Ava- YES

    Top boys' names of the decade

    1. Aiden- NO

    2. Jacob- YES

    3. Ethan- YES

    4. Matthew- YES

    5. Nicholas- NO

    Top girls' names of 2009

    1. Isabella- YES

    2. Sophia- YES

    3. Emma- NO

    4. Olivia- YES

    5. Ava- YES

    Top boys' names of 2009

    1. Aiden- NO

    2. Ethan- YES

    3. Jackson- YES

    4. Jayden- YES

    5. Jacob- YES x

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  • 1 decade ago

    I love Emma. Jacob is a really nice name too, so is Ethan. I also like Jackson. Jayden and Aiden aren't my taste.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Personally I only like Emily, Madison, Ava and Olivia for girls and Aiden for a boy. I'm really fussy with boy names :-/

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