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How to get a gun in the state of Maryland?

what age do i have to be in order to get a shotgun, handgun, rifle etc

do i need a permit?

do i need to take gun safety courses?

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    Well since I live in Maryland and also buy guns in Maryland, I think I can answer this the best.

    You have to be 18 years old to buy a rifle or shotgun in the state of Maryland. No special license is needed to buy a shotgun or rifle in Maryland. You will need to present your driver's license and one other form of identification with your address on it, and complete the standard ATF form 4473 when making the purchase. The retailer will then do a background check using their phone to confirm that you are able to purchase/own a rifle or shotgun.

    For handguns, you must be 21 years old or older. You must also have a "purchasers card" to buy a handgun in Maryland. In order to get such a card/certificate, you must first watch a 30 minute video presented by the Maryland State Police that discusses handgun safety. There is NO test given after viewing the video. All you need to do is be present while the video is playing...and you will be issued a card (by someone trained to show the video and give the cards). It's kind of crazy, but that's how it works. Handguns and certain assault rifles are considered "restricted firearms", requiring you to have the purchasers card before you can buy them.

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    Despite state laws, federal law dictates you must be 21 to purchase or own an handgun and 18 to purchase or own a rifle or shotgun.

    In Maryland you do not need a permit to purchase a gun.

    You must register a handgun, but not a rifle or shotgun.

    Maryland does not license gun owners (however, the State constitution as no "right to bear arms").

    You do not need a permit to carry (transport a rifle or shotgun, you do need a permit to carry a handgun.

    The requirements for a concealed carry permit in Maryland are too lengthy to reproduce here. So here is a link to a summary of the state's laws.


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    adding to nickdc1960

    There are some hoops because MD is antigun.There is a 7day waiting period for handguns and the buyer must complete an application form that is sent by the dealer or law enforcement agency to the Secretary of the State Police for investigation. The applicant is required to provide information regarding the buyer’s eligibility to purchase or possess a handgun, and a description (including a serial number) of the handgun being purchased. There is a $10 fee.

    A person may not manufacture, sell or offer for sale a handgun manufactured after January 1, 1985, that is not included on the Handgun Roster of approved handguns. The roster is compiled by a Handgun Roster Board that is composed of the Secretary of the State Police and ten additional members appointed by the Governor of Maryland.D

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    For Maryland you have to be 18 to buy a shotgun, or bolt action rifle.

    As for a semi automatic you have to be 21 and somehow find one; that is not on Maryland's extensive outlawed weapons. which include AK's', Most AR's'. FN Fals' and just about anything else that isn't American with a side folding stock, muzzle brake, and flash suppressor. Not to mention Magazines must be ten rounds or less.

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    No gun is licensed in Maryland or any other state.

    The possessor or the one who carries a gun is licensed or permitted.

    A person cannot open carry in Maryland.

    A person can try to get a permit to carry concealed. It is discretionary by local chief law enforcement. whether to issue or not. No reciprocity with other states who issue permits/licenses.

    No loaded guns in vehicles unless you have a concealed permit.

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