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草履蟲 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

工程材料的英文翻譯 誰可幫忙翻一下?(2)

The hexagonal crystal system(Figure 3-30)can best be described using three axes in the x-y plane 120 apart and a fourth axis (z) at 90 to the x-y plane. The intercept along the three axes in the horizonta plane are equal in length(a=a=a),but the fourth intercept,labeled c,is of a different length. This until cell is made up basically of two parallel planes (top and bottom basal)separated by a distance equal to the dimension c. The atoms shown in the figure trace out a right hexagonal prism. Each of these two places can be divided into six equilateral triangles, with each side equal to the intercept a(Figure3-30)


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    六角晶系(图3-30)可能最好分開被描述使用三個軸在X - Y的飛機120和在90的第四個軸(z)對X - Y的飛機。 沿三個軸的截住在horizonta飛機長度是相等的(a=a=a),但是第四截住,被標記c,是不同的長度。 這直到細胞基本上距離(上面和底部基礎)分離的由二架平行的飛機制成相等與維度c。 在圖上显示的原子追蹤一麵正確的六角棱鏡。 這兩個的每一個安置可以被劃分成六個等边三角形,與每邊相等與截住a (Figure3-30)

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