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How can i get free legal music?

i have a dilemma. i've been using acquisition (sort of like limewire) but i'm pretty sure it's illegal so i want to stop using it. but really, paying a dollar per song from itunes is getting ridiculous seeing as i get so many. is there a way to get FREE LEGAL music besides the sites where you can ONLY get certain ones? like a website or application that you can search a song or artist and it WILL be there? im frustrated!!!!


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    I use , you dont have to download anything you just search a song then right click the link and go to save target :) its really easy and I dont think it's illegal (i) it also wont give you a virus, good luck ;-D x

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    Free and Legal will never be in the same sentence when talking about downloading MP3's except for like zune marketplace where they give you a couple songs a week free. your best bet is to go back to the zune marketplace and sign up for the zunepass...but you have to have a zune to do this (some verizon phones can play zunepass music, but ipods cant do it)

    anyway, zunepass is a music subscription service that i think would work great for you. you pay $15/month and you can download as much music as you want. and it is legal. this music is borrowed so as soon as you stop paying, it will expire and wont play. however at the end of every month you get 10 song credits on songs that you get to keep and listen to forever. so if you buy 1 CD per month, this is an amazing deal since you already get 10 songs that you would pay for anyway, the for an additional $5 you can download as much music as you want....and you dont have to worry about paying any fines since it is completely legal.

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    if you're looking for free LEGAL songs to download it's not really out there.. except for underground bands who have downloads on myspace for example... anyways, the best war to download music safely is using torrents.

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    hello, generally speaking , there are 2 ways for you to get songs for your ipod

    the first and legal one is to purchase with your iTune accounts

    the second is to free download from some websites

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    sign in to & see you there

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