Question for a genius about yahoo chat?

How do i diss-conect with someone on yahoo chat???

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    Chatting from Yahoo Mail?

    Options > Mail options > Spam - you can block someones email address from here if you wish and below that - the chat message ban

    1. Here’s how to go and block them right now:

    1. Click the down-arrow on the right end of the New button and select Chat to open a chat tab.

    2. In the To: field, enter the ID of the person you’d like to block.

    3. Now, in the toolbar along the top, click Block Sender.

    4. Finish by clicking the x to close the tab.

    2. Here’s how to block someone if they try to start a chat with you:

    1. In the chat tab that they opened, click Block Sender along the top. That’s it!

    Yahoo! Messenger users: If you want to block a contact who’s in your Messenger List, you’ll first have to remove them from your buddy list in the Messenger client.and put them on your Ignore List

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    I am not sure if you mean yahoo messenger or not ?

    There are several ways to disconnect with another person on yahoo messenger :

    a. Right click on the person's name and scroll down to "stealth settings"

    b. Scroll down to "appear offline" and click on it.

    c. You can even delete a contact from your list of messenger contacts.

    Hope this does not confuse you even more !!

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    remove as a contact or friend or whateva

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