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Diabetes help please!?!?!?

ive been diagnosed with diabetes when i was 15 months old. now im 15 and im having trouble logging it which helps my levels. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on how i can log it better, remember to test my blood sugar and all that fun stuff so i can be Heather and stay on the program im using that i love which provides lots of flexibility!! log=time i eat, the insulin im taking, carbs im eating, my blood sugar level and whatnot =p thank you for your help!! i really appreciate it!! =D

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    I would suggest a CGMS. I got this in april and I LOVE it! You can track how much insulin you take, how much carbs you eat, and a lot of other stuff all in one hand-held device. PLUS it keeps track of your blood sugar and displays it every 2-3 minutes. You can also see what your bood sugar is over a 1, 3, 6, 12, and 24 for hour period because it graphs that. I have the Dexcom 7+. Oh and it tells you whether your blood sugar is dropping very fast, dropping a little fast, trending down, staying steady, trending up, going up a little fast, or going up very fast. It also has alarms you can set for when you go high or low. I hope this helps!

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    In this modern age, you could consider using your computer or cell phone to log things like this. I'm guessing you usually have your cell phone on you, so it would be easy to remember. And if you have a smart phone, there are probably programs that exist specifically for this sort of thing.

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