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How do some marines come out of boot with the rank of pfc. and others just private?

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    Some might have referred people to enlist

    Some people might have had college

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    My boyfriend is going into the Marines and he has a couple of promotions. He got some credit for the college he's had but his recruiters helped him out too. He's the most active out of all the DEPs around, gotten 3 or 4 people to join because of him, previous involment with the Young Marines, and he's housing someone before they go to basic. He'll probably graduate as a PFC but he'll be a Lance Corporal by the time he gets to the School of Infantry. The additional promotion is mostly because he works hard with his recruiters so they make sure he gets credit in some way for it.

    Source(s): Boyfriend is a future Marine, my grandfather and uncle are Marines
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    Depends on college credits maybe and what they might have done during boot camp. For instance they might have scored perfect on their PFT.

    Our guide in boot camp graduated as a LCpl.

    Source(s): Disabled Marine Corps Iraq war veteran
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    Some get what is called a meritorious promotion. It is a reward for doing great in bootcamp.

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