OK, I have come with names for my characters but, the more and more i write the less and less I think the names suits them. anyways help me??

Character 1: Female 17

hair:1/4 down her back, dark brown w/ red highlights and tint

brown eyes

body: light tan, petite, thin but not not scary thin, 5"4',

personality: can be stubborn, stands for what she thinks is right, doesn't take other people's crap, sweet, interjectic, Clumsy

Character 2: Male 17

hair: wavy, golden brown surfer hair

blue eyes

body: athletic, a tad muscular,a little darker than C1, 5"6' or 7'

personality: a gentleman, thinks of others safety first, can be dangerous,

Character 3: female 17

hair:flowing black hair tinted with a red shade

golden brown eyes

body: built like C1 but athletic, same tan shade as C2, 5"3' or 5"4'

personality: Like C1, not clumsy, always in the know weather its school or celebs

Character 4: Male 18

hair: blonde hair with a slight color of brown

icy blue eyes

Body: twice as muscular as C2, a tad tanner than C2

personality: tough, sweet, has a good laugh every once in while

Character 5: female 18 C4 twin

hair: black silky shoulder-length

hazel eyes

body: outstandingly gorgeous, tan like C4

personality: can be selfish, caring,

Character 6: female late 30's C1's mom

looks like C1 but 3x as tan as C1, Black hair

personality: worries a lot. but can be careless too

Character 7: female 30's C2, 4, 5's mom

hair: blonde

bright blue eyes

body: built like C5 but pale

personality: caring, loving

Character 8: C7's husband

hair: brown almost blonde

bright green eyes

personality: like C7

Character 9: C6's husband

hair: 'military' cut honey brown hair

(haven't thought of much for him i just added him :/)


idk if it will helped but

Character 1 was named Stephanee

Character 2 Chase

Character 3 Maybella

Character 4 Hunter

Character 5 ClaireAnne

Character 6 Victoria

Character 7 Casey

Character 8 Louis

Character 9 William

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    Character 1: Mary-Lynnette (I'd make her hate her name or something too!)

    Character 2: Apollo (Sorry, I've got a thing for Greek mythology names :D)

    Character 3: Jordan

    Character 4: Clayton (Clay)

    Character 5: Clara

    Character 6: Samantha

    Character 9: Hayden (Sorry I have to go in this order for my sanity's sake ;D)

    Character 7: Karen

    Character 8: Samuel

    If you want last names I would suggest you go to because it has lists and lists of last names. Just find one that sort of works with the first names or one that you like.

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    Character 1: Ella May Harrison

    Character 2: William Tyler Parker

    Character 3: Victoria Marie Reynolds

    Character 4: Ryan Maurice Galvano

    Character 5: Melissa Lee Davis

    Character 6: Peggy Jo Harrison

    Character 7: Helen Rose Parker

    Character 8: Roland Stanly Parker

    Character 9: Sheldon James Harrison

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    1 decade ago

    character 1-victoria

    character 2-austin

    character 3-katherine

    character 4-hunter

    character 5-ashley

    character 6-frances

    character 7-rose

    character 8-eric

    character 9-charles

    ~~~Christmas Gal~~~

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    1 decade ago

    1) Amelia

    2) Dune

    3) Iris

    4) Kero

    5) Caroline

    6) Casidy

    7) Nancy

    8) Craig

    9) John

    Source(s): meh!
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  • character 1: emma

    character 2: luke

    character 3: jasmine

    character 4: josh

    character 5: becca

    character 6: katie

    character 7: christie

    character 8: travis

    character 9: alec

    hope i helped!

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    1 decade ago

    Character 1- Dawn

    Character 2- Eric

    Character 3- Summer

    Character 4- Joshua

    Character 5- Chloe

    Character 6- Clara

    Character 7- Sarah

    Character 8- Stephan

    Character 9- Daniel

    Answer mine please? I really need help :) haha


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  • 1 decade ago

    1) Ashlyn

    2) Carter

    3) Casey

    4) Caleb

    5) Kate

    6) Emma

    7) Chase

    8) Jesse

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Character four should be called Luke. Character five should be called Amber. Character one should be called Sasha. Character two should be called Mark and character three should be called Derek. The mom should be called Lucille and her husband Tom or Michael.

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  • 1 decade ago

    What you should do, every time you think of a name, use that name and if it suits your fancy, then you got the character's name to your liking. Go with what you like, but I do like some of the other names mentioned.

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