Pokemon Emerald Help Please!?

OK. I am stuck in rustboro city and i cannot play my dad in his gym so i can get swim so i can get across to the other side of the map to get rock smash. I cannot go north and i cannot go south or east without being stopped by watter or just a cave with rocks. I have been on the boat to the two islands and got the emblems or whatever. I have been stuck for centuries i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Okay, you sort of lost me, but I'll try to explain what to do...

    You have rescued Peeko and gone to Dewford and Slateport. Good. Step 1 is done.

    How many gym badges do you have? Your dad is the fifth gym leader, so you'll have to wait until you collect the first four to fight him.

    Okay, talk to Briney and go to Dewford. That is where gym leader #2 is. (#1 is in Rustboro) Defeat the gym leader, who is Brawly. Don't forget, you also need to deliver the letter from the Devon president to Stenven, who is in the cave to the north of the island of Dewford. You do not need ANY TM to see Steven, except, if you're bad an navigating in the dark, flash, which the hiker will give you. You also need to beat Brawly to use Flash.

    After doing such, you'll have to move right along to Slateport. There isn't a gym leader there, instead, go to the large, plain building to the east of the city next to all of the boats. Go inside, and talk to the man examining the blueprint, who will tell you to go to the museum. You go, and fight Team Aqua's boss on the second story, and give Captain Stern his part for the future submarine. Slateport's storyline is finished!

    Then, go north of Slateport. You'll eventually clash with your rival, who is really a pain in this battle, so be prepared with plenty of life-saving items. (Also, save beforehand.) After beating your rival, just continue on to Mauville. There, the third gym leader waits. You'll have to fight Wally first, who's not much trouble at all. After beating Watson, the gym leader, to to one of the southern houses in Mauville and receive Rock Smash from some random guy in glasses. You can also receive a coin case from the woman next door if you bring her some sort of specific mail from Slateport.

    Then, head west. There you will be at Verendturf or however you spell it, which is, (TADA) the town at the other side of that tunnel that you can't access at the beginning of the game. Now that you can use Rock Smash, tunnel through it and go to Wally's house, where you will be thanked by his cousin Wanda, and receive something important. Possibly strength, I can't remember.

    Go back to Mauville and head north. You'll then reach crossroads -- a desert impossible yet to cross, and a trolley blocked off by some Magma's. never fear, take the cave to the west to Fallabor. There isn't a gym leader here, but it's still important. Go west, then south to the Meteorite Cave to see some storyline, then go back to the desert - trolley crossroads. Now, you'll be able to take the trolley to the Mountain top. You'll have to fight some Magmas and THEIR boss now, who's not all that much of a pain, really. After that, take the meteorite out of the machine and head south, not taking the trolley, down the mountain, into Lavaridge.

    Lavaridge has the fourth gym leader. Her gym is kind of annoying, but not difficult to get through. She's a bit of a challenge, but not much of one. And that's really all there is to Lavaridge.

    That's right, you've now defeated four gym leaders. What now? Head to Verendturf and go through the cave to Rustoboro, and then take the southern route through the forest to your dad's gym's town. Beat him, and the minute you leave the gym you'll have the here-take-this-HM-surf dialogue.

    Wow, that was a lot of typing. =.=

    Source(s): Pure memorization.
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    How many badges have you got? Because you need 4 to battle your dad.

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