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hey i am 16 and am looking too buy some cologne, help?

ok i am defiantly not looking for axe. i just achieved a pretty good wardrobe, and i was thinking may by i should get 2-4 different colognes. two for things like during the day and school, and the other too for like hanging out with girls and wearing at night. i have a few side questions too. i heard musk is a stay away from? day and nigh time use? any help i can get would be great

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    Alright so coming from a fellow dude if your looking for some to impress the ladies, Try stuff like Dolce&gabana for men (it smells like someone who's about to get laid), If your looking for something for school (trying to smell business like i guess) try Lacost for men, Both are great fragrances.

    Good luck

    P.S sorry if i spelt them wrong. Stupid french words (insert hysterical laughter)


    Source(s): From a fellow dude =D
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    Try looking in American Eagle Outfitters...they have pretty good cologne

    Sometimes Aeropastale has good cologne but they don't always sell cologne

    also look for "royal blue" scents if you look somewhere else

    Old Spice also has some pretty good scents

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