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the lion king : the dawn of a new era?

ok i have heard rumors about the 4th lion king . (apparently) it will be comming out in 2010 but i have looked on web sites and nothing pops up about this lion king film , i also heard that zira and scar returns to try and take over the pride lands and that kiara runs of becoz simba " her father" was too protective.if anyone can give me any sites to tell me that there is infact a 4th lion king i will be greatful....i dont mean sites like what other people has wrote or done story lines i mean like the official site.

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    If it's ever confirmed that they are making a fourth Lion King (actually about the lions)I will let out an earth-shattering scream of joy and promptly suffer a heart attack of happiness :).

    Unfortunately though I haven't heard rumors of a fourth movie myself. I checked the rottentomatoes website, wikipedia, imdb, and the official Disney sites (for the three movies) and none of them seem to mention a new sequel... :(

    Since Disney no longer employs traditional animation techniques for the majority of its films, it's unlikely that they would attempt to produce another Lion King film. And although the Lion King II: Simba's Pride was the highest grossing Disney sequel, it still didn't make as much money as Disney would have liked. :(

    I do hope I'm wrong, but Disney doesn't seem to have any plans in the immediate future to start another film... however, if you'd like, there are many petition websites with online requests for another film. You could sign some of those or even contact the Disney company itself (it can't hurt, right)?

    If you still need more Lion King-ness you can find many comics and fanfics continuing this great story on and If you're interested in a continuation of the story check out Kati_Kopa and Hobb's comics on the latter- very well done. Audrey Cosmo's and Efi Wild's comics are also top-notch, but they occur between the two films.

    Best of luck!

    Source(s): Big TLK fan.
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