Is asthma disqualifying for the Coast Guard?

My brother wants to do something with the coast guard. He's been an asthmatic all his life, and he still has a prescription inhaler just because my mom made him keep one, but he hasn't used it in years. He's actually a runner.

He also has his EMS certification and is in college right now doing pre-med, but he wants to do something with life flight (even helicopter piloting) and was thinking of doing something with the coast guard.

Would the asthma be absolutely disqualifying or is there a way around it since he's actually ridiculously active and hasn't used his inhalter in years.

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    Although asthma is a disqualifying medical condition NO ONE other than a medical doctor at MEPS can tell you that you do not qualify for military service.

    From what you've cited it seems that from a Recruiters stand point your brother may qualify for service, the important thing that you mentioned is the last time he used his inhaler. As long as your brother is not dependent on his inhaler he MIGHT medically qualify for service.

    His extracurricular activities and continuing education are not factors in determining whether or not he medically qualifies for service. The important question to ask is when was the last time he used his inhaler, that's exactly what the Recruiter should ask and the MEPS doctor will ask. Based on his answer, it'll be determined if he qualifies. If the MEP doctors determine that he does not qualify they'll likely recommend he receive a medical wavier which requires a second opinion from a cardio specialist. They'll make the final determination and pass on their recommendation to the medical board for the Coast Guard who has the final say so. Good Luck!

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  • olexy
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    3 years ago

    particular it does. notwithstanding, having allergies would not disqualify you for working as a civilian on a Coast guard station. I additionally, excellent me if i'm incorrect, have faith you may properly be a area of the Coast guard Auxilary. there are a lot of provider concepts accessible. do no longer provide up!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The medical enlistment standards are the SAME foe every branch of the service. That being said...

    Asthma past the age of 13 is a permanent disqualifer for service in any branch....all of them.

    Source(s): Me, just left recruiting duty
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  • 1 decade ago

    Hopefully for you and your families sake...

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