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Which do you think takes more skill?

V. Rossi and C. Stoner are two of the most talented guys in the world of bikes and watching them ride is just amazing. My question to you is which skill set do you think is harder or requires more skill?

Rossi dragging his ELBOW around turns or Stoner drifting a 220hp bike at full lean

I'm kinda torn. On the one hand its takes ridiculous skill and nutz the size of bowling balls to intentionally drag an elbow around a turn, but drifting a 220hp bike at full lean in total control is just nutz.

My CBR1000RR still unnerves me when I'm leaned over wide open on the throttle, I couldn't imagine sliding it, on purpose.


Indeed, I've already snapped 3 pegs. The tires I currently run have a max lean angle of about 50 degrees. Would be nice to get a sticky set of race tires and try to push the envelope.

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    The return to the 1000cc monsters in 2012 will see a lot more of the drifting. Most people dont understand the need for the rear to be spinning when squaring off the corner. (A matter completely ignored by the campaign for less electronics brigade) Nearly if not all todays riders spin the rear, just not to the same extent as Stoner or Nicky Hayden, both from flat track backgrounds.

    As for Rossi using his elbows, Check Ben Spies AKA Elbowz.

    You also have to take into account these guys are running rubber which allows that kind of lean angle (High 60; low 70 Degrees) Your CBR would have dug in the pegs well before that.

    To answer the question - we are mere Mortals compared to the Gods that Ride MotoGP.

    We can just watch in Awe and give respect where it is due.

    To each and every one of them.

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    Both feats are amazing to watch and out of the reach of normal humans !

    As for which one is harder ...... tough to say. I only wish I had the talent of either one of their little toes !

    Like the good man above says, if you want elbow action, look no further then BS #11.

    As for drifting ...... none better then MD.

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