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Why was Trott doing time wasting? They knew it will be tough to beat S Africa.?

whole of england team needs to learn some manners

even last time vs austrlia they wasted time by bringing physio

wter bottles etc

just to waste time they do so much of cheating

should be banned


They knew S Africa will be tough to beat. so they started making cheap startegies, how cheap. Can not accpet defeat. bloody losers.

they should all know how good team south africa is in playing and should go home and hide. instead of coming to here and waste time

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    lol this is so Lame! Try again, you're not that good at imitating people yet.

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    Every good cricketer prepares himself before a delivery. Different methods are used to get the mind focused and brought into the present. Some cricketers take longer than others and that is the case with Trott. Going by his international record so far, he has a method that obviously works for him! I am not suggesting that he shouldn't do anything about it...I just don't think that it's fair to slam him for that when he obviously is a good player and doing really well for England.

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    First thing SA was able to bowl full overs and if you thing he was trying to waste time then try to thing of yourself as a part of any team who can save the match with little time waste.

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    Trott tactic many times used my many teams in past

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    trott was not wasting time but trying to break momentum by keeping bowler await .i think that is not fair.

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    What, did the English language run away on you?

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    Hey you are not Ana, her spellings aint bad at all.

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