okay so i cant find the website that i got my info for a project off of and i need to cite it in my article? does anyone know what the web address is for this website its like gray and it asks 7th and 8th graders "Why is music important to your life, and the world as a whole?" but i cant seem to find the website.... the longest answer on the page is “Life without music is like fasting for a teen – boring, painful, and dull. Every morning I wake up to music filling my dreams until I realize that the wonderful melody is coming from my alarm telling me to get going. That’s not only where this wonderful gift fits into my day. Several minutes later, I take a shower with the radio cranked, but unfortunately my voice doesn’t flow to the song as well. In the car ride to school, again music and again I sing (too bad for my neighbors!). To make school worth living, there’s band – a time to let the mind wander, a time to relax and put my music skills to test. Thankfully I play better than I sing! Besides my music life, think about yours. Your cell phone goes off and what do you hear – music. A parade with the melodious sounds, but then it’s taken away and the parade comes to a rest. Without the joy of music, there’s no point in life, unless life to you is no sound at all.”

so please if anyone knows the web address for this site i'd really really really appreciate it.

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