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how do i add email addresses?

how do i add email addresses

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. Click Contacts to open your address book on the left. Be patient though, it takes a few seconds to open.

    2. Click the Add Contact tab at the top right.

    3. Fill out the form that opens.

    4. Go to the top right and click the yellow Save button.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Two different ways.

    In your incoming emails, if there is a green + (plus sign) over the small index card to the right of the "From ......" you do not have their email, select the "Add to Contacts" beneath the green + and it will prompt you as to what additional to add. Select "Done" when complete.

    Below the Contacts Bar, select the name of the person you wish to add email address by selecting "Edit" (yellow Button).The information page appears. You can take advantage of the "Nicknames" at this time as well, if you wish. Just be sure to "Save" (Yellow Button) when complete.

    If you do not have the person listed, select "Add Contact" from bright blue bar below "Contacts"

    then follow the prompts.

    Good luck

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  • 5 years ago


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