The history of bloody mary?

creepy,i know...

but i'm just soo curious..

q#1: was she real/ ever existed?

2: why is she called bloody mary?

3:will she kill u?

(if u do the mirror...thingy..)

4:is dere anything u want to add about her history?

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    There are two "Bloody Marys"

    -Queen Mary I of England

    -Mary Worthington

    Queen Mary I was a very strict Roman Catholic and didn't like that England was becoming more and more Protestant. She married King Phillip II of Spain (who was also a strict Catholic). He convinced her to start executing the Protestants. She called them heretics and the burnings began. That is why she is called "Bloody Mary."

    Mary Worthington is a legend. It's folklore. If you want to know what people "allegedly" know about her, then here:

    People say she was a child murderer, but they don't know much more. They say she appears in mirrors if you call on her, but I don't think it's been proven.

    Also, under the category of "Bloody" and named Mary, is Mary Pearcey. She killed a mother and a baby in cold blood. She was executed in 1890. As far as I know, she is not called Bloody Mary, but has a bloody past.

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    Mary Worth or Mary I of England?

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