Would Filipinos in the Philippines think a beautiful black woman or man is still beautiful?

Let's face it: Unfortunately, the Filipino people still have the mentality of the colonization. Light skin, pointy noses, height, etc.

What I noticed about the Filipino entertainment industry is the favoritism over light skinned actors, despite their lack in talent. It's as if the LESS Filipino you look, the more beautiful you are.

Which now brings me back to my question: What if a gorgeous black woman or man were to enter the Philippines? They don't look Filipino, which is what the Filipino entertainment industry seems to want. However, they do not carry light skin.

Also, what if you do have the capacity to get light (such as during Winter) and you do carry characteristics such as a pointy nose? Would you still be considered beautiful?

I understand that this question may sound offending, and I'm sorry about it. I'm just curious what would the thoughts be.

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  • MatT
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    1 decade ago
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    The primary criteria in entering the Philippine entertainment scene would be LOOKS - especially features that resemble Caucasians or Whites. This "rule" has been softened to include people of East Asian ancestry - which is the "hot thing" nowadays.

    Black people never made it high in the entertainment industry - but the fact is, there have been some Black people in the industry: Will DeVaughn (a half-Black model), Martin Nievera (a half-Black singer), Jaya (a half-Black singer), Wilma Doesnt (a half-Black host), Gary Valenciano (of Black Puerto Rican ancestry), and of course, jokingly, the legendary Andrew E (who has an extremely black skin)!

    Also, a Filipino of Black ancestry is Apl.de.ap of Black Eyed Peas, who has made it good in America. Generally, Black Amerasians (mixed Asian and American descent) tend to face greater discrimination and taunting than their White counterparts.

    Pointy nose isn't that important in the Philippines; but an aquiline nose is. Large and wide eyes are not too much noted; there are lots of models and actors nowadays who have almond eyes - and they make it good in the industry.

    Now, skin tones, as in all Asian entertainment institutions, are important - the more lighter you are, the more higher your rank is in the industry - although some nationalistic ranks have been filtering into the industry (luckily!) which aims to lower the standards - and now, being morena (light brown skin) is fairly accepted. However, with the burgeoning of the glutathione whitening pills and papaya whitening soap in the market, the white fad is likely to stand the test of time maybe until a few years.

    Source(s): I head an anti Colonial Mentality organization.
  • annely
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    1 decade ago

    The general assumption is that the fairer you are, the more beautiful you seem to be. This doesn`t always hold true to many Filipinos (myself, included) but the entertainment industry will always go with the opinion of the majority. That said, I think that the good-looking black man and woman would have a significantly difficult time entering the Philippine show business, and they will obviously be subject to discrimination at some point, but there are Filipinos who appreciate a different kind of beauty.

  • 1 decade ago

    Looks is the no.1 prerequisite in the Philippine entertaiment industry. Maybe because it is also the

    first thing the common masses are looking for. And it brought about by the long period being colonized by the american and spaniards. That even though one do not have any talent at all is still being patronized by the common people. As long as people screams at mere sight of these people, people running the entertainment industry will keep blind eye and deaf ears.

    Although there are still some that natural looking filipinos that make it to the industry, but it is very RARE.

  • 1 decade ago

    Very interesting question.

    I don't think that the Philippines is ready for that. Or, you know what? Whoever that person is, who would make it in the entertainment industry, he/she won't be a star of their own show. They would always be in supporting roles. Never a lead.

    To Kabarkads- The only reason that the BEP is accepted by Filipinos is because they are famous in the US.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it's true most of filipinos like light skin and pointed noses but i still believe that some filipinos think that beauty is in the eye of the beholder,personality is also important for the filipinos

  • Tootoy
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    1 decade ago

    Personally I like beautiful black women. The first runner-up in Dancing with the Stars was extremely gorgeous. I think she would've made a great actress in the Philippines. But, as others have said, the movie industry in that country is run by idiots who think like they're filming for western audiences

    fueled by the belief of moviegoers that anything that looks foreign is better.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm a Filipino yet I find a beautiful black woman still beautiful. We Filipinos are not racists. We're just too attached to while colonialism, that's all.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hard to generalize like that, but in general the other posters are right, light skin is generally associated with beauty.. Ati, and other negrito tribes would certainly disagree, being black. Back in the days of US military bases, it is rumored that a sort of off base segregation developed for blacks & white us servicemen, so there were neighborhoods, areas, shops, restaurants, bars, etc where blacks were more accepted, and visa versa. Filipinos in the provinces often stop in thier tracks to stare, point, laugh at whites, as if watching a circus parade.. lol.. it is probably worse for blacks.. maybe not so uncommon in areas with more Ati & other black natives?

    ps: Ati, negrito people arrived in Philippines about 25,000 years before the Malay, who arrived about 4000 bc?

  • 1 decade ago

    I asked a question about a particular group of filipino who don't want to teach their children Tagalog. (native language). People mentioned educational advancement but most filipino i met after a long talk, feel like they have something to prove. She looks down other filipinos because her son can only speak English. Others have said she does this because it makes her feel superior. I think the others are right. I know the sons teacher and thinks the parent aren't involve in their son education.

    His mum brags about how she made her skin whiter with a bleacher. OMG I think These group of filipino has issues. No sense of pride in themselves or their own country. It angers me why people with darker colour of skin think they are not beautiful when compared to a paler skin.Its a sad situation and people should acknowledge that it is a problem. I think the government and people who support it is a problem. Like you said your skin has to be white and don't look like areal filipino to get a head. If this situation occurs in Britain it would be considered as racism but if you ask a filipino its not and they just prefer white lady. Erm ok. Someone said about the pointy nose and its true. Ask a filipino what they want to change and second thing they will say is their nose. In my psych course I have learnt that racism occur within cultures. I think this is a prime example.

    Filipino aren't the only ones who are doing this. It was in the news about China having a parlour dedicated to become whiter. Whilst the western world are fighting against inequality and racism; You have people who are influence by the east, whom are sucked in by the negative influence of western culture of what a perfect human being is. (Aryan) Where your social status is weighed by the colour of your skin or how far you can act not like a filipino. Saying that you are attach to a white colonialism is another word to say I want to be white. White colonialism people seem to be refering to is similar to Hitler ideology that people who are white is at the top of hierarchy. There are still group like this spread out all over the world and most of them would consider you as disgusting brown no matter how much you bleach your skin.

    I'm surprise by how some, i thought very educated people from Philippines seem to not understand this. I guess they aren't no matter how large their bank balance is, how many cars they have or most expensive designer pet they have. I think these type of filipino are hiding behind the past colonalisation to guise the obvious inferiority complex about thier own culture.

    Having said that I think Filipino has something about their culture that allows them to be welcome in any culture. These are for the people who aren't pretentious and accept their culture. Then you can really see the true Filipino proud of their skin colour and culture. I think because genuine unpretentious filipino are so welcoming. I think that breaks alot of barriers between cultures. Some people have mentioned that some filipino laugh at white folks because they are white. I genuinely think that those kids have not seen white folk and they are facinated by seeing a white person. Like they're some kind of super star. I dont think there is any malace against it.

  • 5 years ago

    If the black girl is Beyonce then it will work in the Philippines.

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