Car audio question. Overpowered 3.25" in dash speakers need help.?

Hi, I have an amp powering 7 speakers in my 1994 Chrysler LHS. There are three 3.25" in the dash two 5.25" in here front doors and two 6x9 in the rear dash. There all powered somehow through a 4 channel amp (fry's installed it) anyways the speakers in the dash and the speakers in the front doors are on the same line, i think. I suspect this because when i turn the volume on one of the master control volumes (each one controls 2 of the 4 channels) it will adjust the power going to the dash and the door panels. Do you see the problem? If the speakers in the dash and the speakers in the door are receiving the same amount of power then the speakers in the dash would be a lot louder than the speakers in the doors because they need a lot less RMS power. I don't know how to fix this problem, it sounds horrible. The speakers in the dash are trying hard to put out bass while the speakers in the door panels do hardly anything at all. Is there some way to fix this without changing the amp? I assume returning the amp and purchasing a 5 channel amp would fix this right? Also is there like a product i can buy that acts like what a light dimmers does but to speakers, while at the same time limiting the low frequences to the speakers in the dash? Thanks for all your help. Please do try to answer evey one of my questions if you can. Again, thanks.

Amp: Crunch P1400.4 1400 watts

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    You could try in-line bass blockers if all you want to do is block the bass or in line attenuators, you might have to experiment with different attenuators ... till you get the right balance or another way to do it would be with a 6 way active crossover...An attenuator is basically a resistor...if you want to try and make your own...

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