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What is a DEC statement and how will it effect my military carreer?

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    It is a Declination of Continued Service statement, or a DA 4991-R. Basically, what it means is that you can't get promoted, you can't get any awards, and you are barred from reenlistment. The biggest thing is the fact that you are ineligible for seperation pay if you have over six years of service. If you are planning to get out, you better make sure you have a concrete plan for the outside.

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    It is a statement of your intentions.

    usually given, if you turn orders down by refusing to reenlist or extend to take them.

    IE:you have 1.5 years left on your enlistment, and receive orders that require 2 years retain-ability.

    You must extend or reenlist to accept the orders.

    They should only effect career soldiers, Those who have enlisted at least once.

    If they refuse to extend or Reenlist to accept orders, they must sign a DEC statement, acknowledging they are barred from future reenlistment and will be separated after the current enlistment expires.

    Some commands try and get first enlistment soldiers to sign DEC's if they refuse to extend or reenlist to accept orders. They are violating regulations by doing so.

    First enlistment servicemen, are allowed to refuse orders, if they have to reenlist or extend to accept them and can still reenlist at a later date.

    So if your a first enlistment servicemen and your command is trying to force you to sign a DEC, tell them you want to consult with JAG, before hand.

    Jac will then inform them, that they cannot force you to sign a DEC as a first enlistment servicemen.

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    Why did you join the military if you weren't willing to abide by their rules? You had to know before you joined, that the military had the right to send you wherever they needed you (your job). I guess you didn't read the fine print when you raised your right hand and swore in, uh? Well hopefully the economy will get better and you can get out the military and go back to your civilian life. Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split cha

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