Honda CRV, Chevy Equinox, or toyota highlander ?

crv gets 20/27 but it is a honda

highlander gets 18/24 (horrible) but i feel safe in it but it would hurt my wallet a lot.

the chevy gets 22/32 but i am worried it will drop in price once i leave the lot.

what should i get? i am open to other vehicles


i don't care if it is American or foreign so please spare me your economy talk.

just better safety//value/miles

Update 2:

Flanders - i did try to buy a used car that was 1-2 years old but they seem to want me to pay the SAME amount it would cost if it were new. and when i wanted to trade me my 2007 honda civic they only offered me 6400 for it.

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    Sounds like you can probably eliminate the Highlander because you are concerned you can't afford it. have you considered a RAV-4?

    First of all, you need to make the decision of if you are buying new or used. All new vehicles are going to lose a ton when you leave the lot, so pretty much expect to drive whatever you buy for at least 3-5 years without losing a ton of money.

    Out of all of these vehicles, the Honda CR-V and the Toyota RAV-4 are my favorites. I would look for one that is about 1-2 years old with under 30K miles. You will be able to save thousands from new and it will still last forever.

    Just be sure to have an independent mechanic inspect any used vehicle before you sign anything. You can't just trust a dealer did the required maintenance.

    Also, say no to extended warranties, rustproofing, soundproofing, etc. no matter how much they try to pressure you.

  • Tina
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    4 years ago

    A chevy equinox is a pretty good car from the research I have done on it, I would suggest a Trailblazer or a GMC Envoy. You might not realize it but they do have a little more room and it get about 16mpg city so consider that in your choice. A Epuinox, if your looking for comfort and gas mileage is probable the better way to go. 17 city and 24 highway Hope this helps.

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    The Chevy. Best deal, best engineered car. All cars drop in value when you drive off the lot. The only time resale of a Japanese car is significantly higher is when they're 15+ years old... which I don't get since most GM cars have timing CHAINS while that 15 year old Accord or Camry has a BELT that likely desperately needs to be changed ($800 parts+labor) before it snaps and leaves your overpriced old car junk.

  • Anonymous
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    Honda all the way..the 2010 was slightly restyled,

    the cr-v will be just as reliable as the highlander, but gets the better MPG.

    i checked, the highlander gets 20/27? i think your thinking of the V6 engine. theres a 4 cylinder too.

    don't listen to anyone who says "get the chevy and support the american economy" that's just has manufacturing plants here.

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  • 1 decade ago

    CHEVROLET all the way

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