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Under AIG's new "Obama-Care Plan," will all 120 million under-insured Americans, have to spend 5 years in jail?

Or can they pay the $250,000 dollar fine and remain under-insured.

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    They'll go to jail & make Bob Barker an even richer man. He invested his "Price is Right" earnings into a bunch of federal prisons & has been making a tidy profit off the misfortunes & miseries of others. Now that's a God-fearing Christian I can believe in. Maybe, if they get enough "good behavior" coupons, they can come on his show and try to win back their freedom? It'd be fun to watch them squirm on national TV & lord knows that show could use a much-needed injection of life. Just a thought.

    I like you Obama. You're my kind of rat. You know what we should do? Stop complaining & start scamming the system just like we were politicians. You & me should pool our money, buy a prison and charge the state $100,000 a cell/day or do you think that's cutting them a break? We'd make so much money even we could afford Obama-care, or we could dodge taxes altogether like the filthy rich & live on a tropical island with pina coladas in hand.

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    It will be the Fema camps and Bastile day to follow when this travesty goes into effect!!

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    Where do you get your facts?

    AIG does not do health care.

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    SEE YA :o)

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