Chad Johnson, Brandon Marshall,Chris Henry?

Why was Brandon Marshall allowed to wear Chris Henrys' jersey ( name and number ) but Chad Johnson wasn't?


awww come on people yall just cost me $10. When i asked this question my buddy told me that people would try to be smartas**es but i just knew you all worked on your comprehension skills in school and would understand what i was asking. I guess i'll have to break it down and type slowly. Chad wanted to wear the jersey as a tribute but was told no as it violated league policy to wear another jersey or to change the names and/or number on your jersey ( which is why he had to legally change his last name to ochocinco b4 they put on his uniform ) now in saying that which i really thought i wouldn't have to why was Brandon Marshall allowed to do it?

Update 2:

THANK YOU DILF & BUCCOS for clearing that up for me. All i saw were the highlights and that was shown but i didn't realize it was a "tear off" and he only wore it for warm ups.

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    That;s a good question. Just to let you know they both wore they're regular jerseys during the game - what your referrring to is the practice.

    Brandon Marshall already wore #15 and just switched the back of his name to Henry - it's simple. It's against the rules but Marshall doesn't give "a sh*t"

  • Ganja
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    Actually Brandon Marshall didn't wear Chris Henry's jersey.

    Marshall and Henry both have the same number but the the Henry on Marshall's jersey was removable. He wore the nametag over the Marshall during pregame warm ups but took it off during the actual game

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    Marshall and Henry both wore the number 15 anyway.

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    is this a joke?

  • Anonymous
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