Why do African Americans blame the white man for Africa being poor?

Look at how South Africa was. They where a fairly successful country. The best country in Africa and now that the whites aren't in power it became just another African country.


Success as they had a good economy and the unemployment rate wasn't that of a 2nd world country like it is now.

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    Look at the moronic 'responses' from all the Left wing idiots here. Not one of them can actually discuss the FACTS:

    BLACKS are destroying South Africa, and we all know it!

    BLACKS are destroying Zimbabwe too, and we all know that as well.

    These idiots think they are being 'revolutionary' by doing everything the global elite want them to - defending non-whites and making out that they are bloody wonderful, when they are obviously nation wreckers. The evidence is overwhelming! Just look at Zimbabwe when it was Rhodesia, and under white rule, nobody was starving to death. Now look at it.

    Or look at Detroit.

    Or Haiti.

    Or Rwanda.

    Or Somalia.

    All great examples of the genius and wonderfulness of black people, right?

    You idiots are either non-white invaders, stealing white people's countries from under our noses, and gloating about it, or brainwashed white idiots, who will only wake up when your country is in a civil war, and you have lost everything you ever loved. Too bad most of you idiots will only wake up when it is TOO LATE.

    Here's a clue: the fact that you can't actually DISCUSS the matter at hand, using FACTS and nothing else, means that you know you are wrong. How pathetic.

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    I have the answer.

    When the say, british and dutch immigrants came to africa, they took the people's natural wealth. they also destroyed their land, raped their women, etc. Because of this, civil wars and rebels were created amongst the nations due to hate towards europeans. However, the whites thought they were the best, so they controlled the economy and were elite. When they left, the elite was gone and a nation full of rebels and widespread poverty were gone. terrorists and other bad people saw this as an opportunity to control nations. more civil wars. look at sudan for example. this is what happened.

    the people tend to blame the white man because they think they are the ones who got them where they are. Some things are their fault some aren't. I'm not being racist to whites or anything because i am white, but this really happened.

    hope my answer helped :)

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    I know people who dwell on the aftermaths of slavery which are still occurring, no one is still whining about their 6 times great grandfather being a slave. There was traditionally slavery in Africa. It was when say you killed a member of their tribe your child or someone would have to go to live with them. They were basically a part of the family and even though they could never go back, their children were not automatically slaves. Lots of people have had slaves. I don't know anyone who still dwells about it's occurance in this country except some very afro-centric people, and those people are very rare.

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    Umm....South Africa was the richest country in Africa for a very long time until the U.S. and Europe put sanctions on it to end Apartheid. Almost all the companies and small businesses are run by whites or use whites to do the technical work.

    Also, the most unstable country in Africa, Somalia, was NOT part of "The Great Game" and had almost no colonization. The country that had the most colonization, South Africa is the richest.....

    So whites aren't bad for economies after all.

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    european imperialism.

    btw, south africa is richer now then before, because nelson mandala gave the new south africa a great start.

    @uphill: during the las 10 years of apartheid, the economic was suffering and losing money because the western countries refused to do business with them and put pressure on them so they could end it all, they ended apartheid because the economic was suffering not because they wanted the africans to have their land back, and since then, SA has become the richest african country and has joined the G-20, look it up, it is richer now than it has ever been.

  • Why does the white man blame African Americans for blaming the white man for having Africa poor?

    More questions arise out of stupidity.

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    You imbecile, it always has been an African country. How do you get to that level of ignorance?

    LMAO @ <3!! Too funny!!

    @Facto - You need to be telling that shyt to Hans, I don't see one source to support such a statement. Did white men not rape that continent for all her natural resources? That's a habit with you people. Stealing and then claiming it was always yours.

    Wrong again Mitch! I have never called myself African American. I can't help what some politically correct, self appointed leader of the black people wants to label me.

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    Are you really asking that?

    Just like every other country they occupied, they robbed Africa naked, so yeah, it is their fault.

    Fyi, white people aren't perfect, despite what you think. Had their leaders not been such a bunch of spineless thieves & murderers in the past, the majority of them would be nothing today.

  • Shoot man, you seriously need to go back to world history class. It's cause it was european countries who stripped most of Africa of all its resources. duh. Centuries before, precious gems and metals like gold, diamonds, rubies, etc. used to lay on the ground like they were rocks; until europeans came with their greedy asses of course.

    edit: yet another moron to add to the troll club

    we have Dewey, Rocker, Leonel/Hasood, I Hate You, Haas, Katy, Becky J, Sydney/Sandy, Britney, Jimbad, White Panther, Scott, Maxine, and many more

    WELCOME TO THE CLUB ********

    Fack O and the Haitian Don: You're right its true africans are killing and destroying each other in some countries but they're doing this cause LACK OF RESOURCES. that EUROPEANS ALL STOLE from them. Common Sense.

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    Im from Zimbawie and I don't think its the "white mans" fault at all for my countries corruptions, unless they consider Mugabe a white man.

    And let African Americans think what they want, there is a reason their ancestors were sold by other Africans.

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