To tell ... or not to tell ?

My husband has done a wonderful job building in a new bedroom for us. He has worked very hard and I appreciate it very much! It's beautifully painted now, only the floor to go, and we are having ceramic tiles (as we live in a very hot climate). Last night he bought the tiles. I hate them. They completely clash with the walls. But he has worked so hard! I am tempted to tell him I hate them before he actually goes ahead and lays them which he will do tomorrow. But I will feel very mean because he bought them and he so much wants me to like them! He is likely to be angry too, not good this close to Christmas. I do love everything else he has done to make this room so nice for us. It's a big room too, the size of two normal bedrooms, so I realise it will be a lot of work to lay the tiles. I feel it will be such a waste because they are horrid. Should I tell him I hate them, or should I fake it? I am a bit worried too, cos I'm a poor liar. What do you think I should do?


Parrrrrrrris!!!!!! ... I am not heading for a divorce over tiles!

Maybe I'm being a bit silly now that I think about it really. They're not THAT bad. It's just that I asked for cream, and these are beige, and beige is not cream now is it? But can men tell the difference between beige and cream? I'm not sure, so maybe he was just doing his best and I should be grateful then and stop whinging shouldn't I. Or maybe I could buy a really big cream rug to cover up the bits that aren't covered up by furniture? And then he'll still be happy with me I think. Thank you for all the ideas about how (or if) to broach it though!

Update 2:

Ian E: Wow! Thank you! As always I enjoyed that immensely ... So much to consider!

Mazzy: Oh a completely excellent idea in so many ways! Thanks babe.

Chris: Aww, that's a very very very sweet thing to say, thank you indeed! x

Update 3:

Oh, and we don't argue! He has no clue I don't like the tiles. But I'm getting kind of used to them. If you dim the lights and squint a little, and visualise lots of furniture in there, it's actually not too bad really!

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    So you have probably already thought this through, but try to imagine the room once all of the furniture and fittings are in there.....the two colours might not clash quite as much once you have other things in there that will aid as a distraction....??

    My next thought would be, maybe you could paint the room a different colour that will enhance the beige tiles??

    Either way babe, I think you need to tell him before he spends so much time and effort laying them when you know that you will absolutely hate the end result....and make sure you go with him when he returns them, and promise to repay him in the form of sexual favours if you get to pick the new colour!!! *giggles*

  • Innit
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    1 decade ago

    I think a pragmatic approach may be required, those tiles may not look too bad at all when they're all down. Beige is a very popular colour over here in England, for the simple reason that it's totally inoffensive and goes with anything!

    Either that or take them back and swap them while he's at work, then hope he doesn't notice...

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    Be honest with him, tell him you do not think they are right for the room, Lay a few tiles loose on the floor so that you can both see the effect, you never know they might not look too bad.

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    Tell him before he lays the tiles. If it will be a lot of work for him to put the tiles down, then tell him before he starts.

    He probably won't be offended, he just wants to do a good job. Compliment him on every thing else he has done but tell him you think the tiles will clash with the rest of the decor and you don't want anything to ruin the beautiful job he has done.

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  • Ian E
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    1 decade ago

    When I paint in oils, I need to clean the palette after each session. When all the colours (including black and white) are mixed together, the result seems always to be beige. The railways seem to choose this colour every time they open a pot of paint. Whatever the failings of 'beige', a failure to 'blend' with other colours is not one of them.

    Beige is usually chosen simply because it is able to blend with any colour. The same applies to black, white and grey. This is not opinion, but the result of the application of established colour analysis.

    Beige is not really a form of light brown, however. It is more of a 'colourful grey' ! For a floor colour, I would, myself, rather a real grey, or even a slightly blue grey.

    Cream, particularly if it is not 'off white' but noticeably 'light yellow', on the other hand, will most definitely not completely 'blend' with [i] orange [ii]green, [iii]brown, [iv]many types of blue, [v]a few yellow types. This is, in the case of a light coloured cream, rather an academic finding however. But if you were to wear a notably 'cream' blouse, would you wear, e.g., an orange skirt?

    (The answer is 'yes, sometimes', actually, as the clash between yellow and orange is not really a totally unattractive clash. It calls attention to itself because it 'clashes', actually. BUT.... The two colours amongst the other colours in a room really causes this clash to become unpleasant, often.)

    Too often, in my opinion, has 'cream' been used when beige [of the same darkness] is the colour really able to blend with virtually all colours.

    Does it matter? Not in my opinion. It is simply a much milder version of what one gets when you try to blend a primary colour with a colour comprising a different colour plus this same primary colour.

    "'Blue' and 'green' should never be seen!" is a long-used cliche warning for people to avoid using these two colours together. The primary colour 'blue' is, of course, also part of the secondary colour, green.

    (What a pity God didn't go to Art School. He has the blue sky clashing with trees, grass, etc. Should we complain? No, it's nearly Christmas time)

    'Cream' is, in theory, the primary colour yellow mixed only with the neutral colour, white. When put beside any secondary or tertiary colour that has a component of yellow, the same warning applies.

    Like you, however, I don't like 'beige'. It is weak, bland, somehow 'plastic'. Because of its ability to blend so well, I feel it to be nebulous, even boring.

    (God, again, made an awful mistake when colouring most sand beige. But, seeing that it is Christmas, just pretend it isn't a boring colour. I'm sure he meant well. We can always throw cream rugs over it afterwards, surely?)

    If you buy a 'cream' rug, however, it will sometimes howl at the whole room if placed over much of the beige floor. This is not because cream and beige clash, moreover... (Of course, one could always throw steel grey rugs over the cream ones, or, perhaps, turn off the lights?)

    In six months, I bet you wouldn't notice what colour the floor was. Beige is so [annoyingly] vague that it usually escapes notice.

    If I had to choose between them, I would nevertheless choose beige. This is simply because beige can easily cope with whatever odd colour is later chosen for bed coverings, e.g. Cream, on the other hand, severely limits future choices.

    For a room to seem to be 'colourful', it is often counter-productive to have everything in that room 'colourful'. ...e.g. A lemon yellow, e.g., looks most colouful when against a neutral colour such as black !

    Arguments between husband and wife that centre on things no more vital or hurtful than colour analysis are almost acts of love when compared with the more usual topics, surely?

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    Tell him you want a different tile. No need to be rude and tell him you hate the color. Explain that you already have a bedspread that is tan and it will clash (or whatever). Get what you like because tile lasts a long time. Every time you look at it, you will wish you would have opened your mouth. Just put your arms around him, tell him how much you love the bedroom he built and how you want different tile. Smile. He wants you to be happy, too.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Don't tell him you hate them exactly. Just be like, "Honey, can I tell you something about the remodel without you getting mad?" He says okay. You say, "About the tiles...." He says what about them? You say, "I love everything else about the room that you've picked and I know how hard you've worked, but the tiles just aren't my favorite. I was hoping it's not too late to maybe pick another color or a different style. Do you think the store might take them back?"

    If he gets upset, tell him that if he really LOVES the tiles then you'll be okay with it, but if he's kind of "eh" about them, you'd like to get something else.

  • 1 decade ago

    Instead of going all out and saying you "hate" them, why not try a less insulting approach?

    "Honey... I've been looking at those tiles you bought, and I'm thinking that they might clash once you lay them..."

    Why does it have to be "I hate those horrid things"? Try a softer hand.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Tell him you think the tiles are sh!t.

    You're gonna have to live with them and you dont want to get vomit on yourself every time you see them.

    Just be honest, he'll understand.

    Make sure to tell him how stunningly wonderful everything except the tiles is.

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