im writing a story and need help in this category (Very frustrating)?

it's about a 12 year old boy who is molested by his drama teacher( Who is overly obsessive) and i don't know how to make it sound not to disgusting but i will be explaining the molestation scenes.

so my question is how do i put those scenes in away that is not to revealing but you also understand whats going on.


btw the drama teacher is male and im thinking about having him kidnap the boy at the start of the story.

The boy is the narrator though.

Update 2:

There are plenty of books that deal with child cruelty:

When jeff comes home

Boy toy

A child called it

Little chicago

lottery rose

the giver

in the woods

invisible chains

Update 3:

and so im guessing you have never seen:

Notes on a scandal

little children


mystic river

bastard out of carolina

who would ever watch those write?

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    I have always been told to write about what you know. Fiction is vague in a way that it always comes from ones imagination, but is inspired by true events or people to the point that a story rises from the authors creative juices. I would tend to agree with the previous posters and say this...unless you are inspired from personal tragedy on the subject and plan on using the story to help others in similar situations, then I would leave it alone. You may risk misinterpretation or put into detail things that would spring controversy. And contoversy is a very hard subject to sell. I do wish you luck on any story you write and sincerely hope that this is not a subject you have ever had any personal involvement in.

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    As a writer and an author of a novel currently in print I urge you not to go down this dark path.

    I would never consider writing about such cruelty to a child.

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with the previous post... some topics are not meant to be explored in, what I hope, is fictional writing.

    There are MANY controversial topics that would be acceptable to write about... but not this one.

    Besides, WHO would read this story? ... who would want to?

    Source(s): I'm a writer
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