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How much does it really cost to host a website of Wikipedia's size?

In United States dollars. Include wages for technical staff who actually work on the servers and other necessary equipment. Don't include the cost of the content. Don't include money for lawyers, consultants, board members, anyone who doesn't directly work on keeping the website on the Web.

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    I've pored over the Wikimedia Foundation Form 990's and Annual Reports, and I am convinced that a bare-bones operational initiative to "just host the website" would cost a total of $1.2 million per year, with 4 staff members.

    The other answer mentioning that this is a very complicated question is true. But, I assure you that my number is within a margin of +/- 15% from the actual cost that would be needed as a minimal, austerity plan to keep Wikipedia running smoothly 99% of the time.

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    Less than $2,128,862 as of 2008. That's what Charity Navigator calls "Program Expenses." Since Wikipedia doesn't pay experts to write the articles nor fact-checkers to review them, it's safe to say that a good chunk of that two million must be going to hosting expenses. That leaves more than $4 million that don't go to hosting expenses. The administrative and fund-raising expense categories require less than a million each. The foundation had a surplus of $3,531,771 that year, something which real charities would be envious of, charities that have surpluses of just a few thousand dollars, or worse, deficits of millions of dollars.

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    That depends on so many factors, I don't think any seasoned professional could even begin to answer that question without 6 months of deliberation.

    There's a lot more to it than staff and web hosting costs. What SAN solution fits your product best? Are you virtualizing? Is your colocation a full backup? What's your replication solution? Will your maintenance crew be using VDI or application delivery services? You're asking a massive question and expecting a simple answer.

    Ouch, my brain.

    Source(s): I'm a network administrator
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    According to the FY 2009 report audited by KPMG, just 822,405 dollars (see page 5). On page 9, it says 1,189,115 dollars go to salary and wages under the category of "Projects" (as opposed to say, "Fund raising"), so perhaps that's where the salaries of the IT staff are figured under.

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    It's actually rather hard to put a money estimate on hosting with all of the variables.

    And actually, the content of WikiPedia is pretty small in file size.

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    Wikipedia is non-profit so its costs are easy to look up. Annual costs for wikipedia is around 4.6 million.

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