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What is the difference between a Toyota Tacoma Prerunner and a Toyota Tacoma?

The prerunner is lifted and has a few other details, but is there any difference between the two in the cab or anything? Can you make a tacoma into a prerunner easily?

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  • Bill S
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    Prerunner models are all 2 Wheel Drive but have the ride height and suspension of the 4WD model. They're a waste of money.

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    The PreRunner is not an SR5. Also the PreRunner is NOT 4Wheel drive. Thats basically the biggest difference in the Tacoma's. Some say the interior is different but I beg to differ. It is just the difference in the differentials and the drivetrain from 2WD to 4WD.

    Source(s): Tacoma and 4Runner owner. Big Toyota Fan!!!
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A pre runner is only 2wd,it does come with a factory electric rear locker...It was made so people who cannot afford a 4wd tacoma can have one that looks like one...Tacoma.s are 2 and 4wd...The trd version is the one you want...Better suspension 4wd and factory locker..

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    It is a lifted 2wd and tacoma 2wd is not raised.

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