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Question about continuity?

A water line with an itnernal radius of a 6.5e-3 m is connect to a shower heard that has 12 holes. The speed of the water in the line is 1.2 m/s.

a. what is the volume flow rate in the line?

b. at what speed does the water leave one of the holes (hole radius of 4.6e-4 m) in the head?

Please explain step by step. >.<

I really do fail at physics. *sigh*

I iwll choose best answer

Thank you so much for taking the time to aid my stupidity.

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    a) Vfr = v*A = 1.2*π*(.0065²) = 1.6E-4 m^3/sec

    b) Since there are 12 holes, the total head area Ah = 12*π*.00046² = 7.977E-6 m^2. The pipe area Ap = π*.0065² = 1.327E-4 m^2.

    Vh = Vp*Ap/Ah = 1.2*1.327E-4/7.977E-6 = 19.96 m/s

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