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More proof that the Holocaust never happend?

Ive recently read this list but dont know what to think of it...I was wondering if you all would read it and tell me what you think...? Will you do it?

66 Questions and Answers on the "Holocaust"

By The Institute for Historical Review

1. What proof exists that the Nazis killed six million Jews?

None. All we have is postwar testimony, mostly of individual "survivors." This testimony is contradictory, and very few claim to have actually witnessed any "gassing." There are no contemporaneous documents or hard evidence: no mounds of ashes, no crematories capable of disposing of millions of corpses, no "human soap," no lamp shades made of human skin, and no credible demographic statistics.

2. What evidence exists that six million Jews were not killed by the Nazis?

Extensive forensic, demographic, analytical and comparative evidence demonstrates the impossibility of such a figure. The widely repeated "six million" figure is an irresponsible exaggeration.

3. Did Simon Wiesenthal state in writing that "there were no extermination camps on German soil"?

Yes. The famous "Nazi hunter" wrote this in Stars and Stripes, Jan. 24, 1993. He also claimed that "gassings" ofJews took place only in Poland.

4. If Dachau was in Germany, and even Wiesenthal says that it was not an extermination camp, why do many American veterans say it was an extermination camp?

After the Allies captured Dachau, many GIs and others were led through the camp and shown a building alleged to have been a "gas chamber." The mass media widely, but falsely, continues to assert that Dachau was a "gassing" camp.

5. What about Auschwitz? Is there any proof that gas chambers were used to kill people there?

No. Auschwitz, captured by the Soviets, was modified after the war, and a room was reconstructed to look like a large "gas chamber." After America�s leading expert on gas chamber construction and design, Fred Leuchter,examined this and other alleged Auschwitz gassing facilities, he stated that it was an "absurdity" to claim that they were, or could have been, used for executions.

6. If Auschwitz wasn�t a "death camp," what was its true purpose?

It was an internment center and part of a large-scale manufacturing complex. Synthetic fuel was produced there, and its inmates were used as a workforce.

7. Who set up the first concentration camps?

During the Boer War (1899-1902), the British set up what they called "concentration camps" in South Africa to hold Afrikaner women and children. Approximately 30,000 died in these hell-holes, which were as terrible as German concentration camps of World War II.

8. How did German concentration camps differ from American "relocation" camps in which Japanese-Americans were interned during WWII?

The only significant difference was that the Germans interned persons on the basis of being real or suspected security threats to the German war effort, whereas the Roosevelt administration interned persons on the basis of race alone.

9. Why did the German government intern Jews in camps?

It considered Jews a direct threat to national security. (Jews were overwhelmingly represented in Communist subversion.) However, all suspected security risks � not just Jews � were in danger of internment.

10. What hostile measure did world Jewry undertake against Germany as early as 1933?

In March 1933, international Jewish organizations declared an international boycott of German goods.

11. Did the Jews of the world "declare war on Germany"?

Yes. Newspapers around the world reported this. A front-page headline in the London Daily Express (March 24,1933), for example, announced "Judea Declares War on Germany."

12. Was this before or after the "death camp" stories began?

This was years before the "death camp" stories, which began in 1941-1942.

13. What nation is credited with being the first to practice mass civilian bombing?

Britain� on May 11, 1940.

14. How many "gas chambers" to kill people were there at Auschwitz?


15. How many Jews were living in the areas that came under German control during the war?

Fewer than six million.

16. If the Jews of Europe were not exterminated by the Nazis, what happened to them?

After the war millions of Jews were still alive in Europe. Hundreds of thousands (perhaps as many as one and a half million) had died of all causes during the war. Others had emigrated to Palestine, the United States, and other countries. Still more Jews left Europe after the war.

17. How many Jews fled or were evacuated to deep within the Soviet Union?

More than two million fled or were evacuated by the Soviets in 1941-1942. These Jews thus never came under German control.

18. How many Jews emigrated from Europe prior to the war, thus putting them outside of German reach?

Perhaps a million (not including those absorbed by the USSR).

19. If Auschwitz was not an extermination camp, why did the commandant, Rudolf Hoess, confess that it

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    Ok Lets do this in Order but first.

    I am not Jewish. I am a historian with publishing credits and over 30 years research into WW2.

    1. There are thousands of contemporary documents. Mostly made by the perpetrators of the crimes.

    There are photos of lampshades made of skin. The crematoriums exist despite what the deniers claim. There are blue prints for them, photos and movies of them in use.

    2.Extensive research shows that this is more than possible. The 6 million figure was arrived at by scholars studying GERMAN reports from WW2.

    3.There were NO extermination camps on German soil. There were concentration camps where people were worked to death on no food and where they could also die by arbitrary violence by a guard or Kapo. The specifically designed extermination camps were all in Poland.

    4. Dachau was a concentration camp. See above. If any media reports exist of Dachau was a gassing camp I believe they may be incorrect. I would be interested to see a link to these claims.

    5. Fred Leuchter is an unqualified " Capital Punishment expert" who was paid $30,000 to come up with the "Leuchter Report" to get a holocaust denier off of criminal charges. His work has subsequently been debunked by many, qualified, scientists.

    6. Yes Auschwitz was unique in being both a death camp and a labour camp. Too much evidence is available to doubt this.

    7. Yes the first concentration camps were set up by the British during the Boer War. A Matter of Historical fact. Many people died there. They were not deliberately exterminated, but died through disease. Not one of our best moments in history.

    8. People were interned in America for being Japanese/ Japanese American. They were given adequate food, not expected to toil for 12 hours of every day and also given full access to the Red Cross... Contrast this with the living conditions of the Jews and others in the Nazi concentration camps who were picked up because of their racial heritage.

    9.Jews were not overly represented in communist subversion This is another lie told by deniers using the polemic of Josef Goebbels

    10.Yes The Jewish World congress sponsored a boycott of German Goods due to the treatment of Jews in Germany. A commonly used tactic by many organisations to bring light on to treatment of their own by others. Hardly a declaration of War.

    11. MMMM. Newspapers printing a sensational headline. I have seen football teams as having declared war on others. Maybe we should lock all Arsenal and Manchester United players into pens, feed them almost nothing and make them work until they drop.

    12. The death camp stories started in 1941-42 because that is when the extermination camps started up in Poland.

    13. We will forget the Condor legion's bombing of Geurnica and the Luftwaffe's strikes against Warsaw and Rotterdam then? Want to go for a few others?

    14. I have seen the Gas chambers at Auschwitz. When someone shows me verifiable proof that outweighs the evidence I have seen in National archives and testimony of German guards that they were gas chambers I will continue to believe.

    15. Another outright lie. Show proof please.

    16. Yes many Jews emigrated. Many more stayed behind by choice or were unable to get out. Just because 1 million got out doesn't mean that 6 million others did not die

    17.Show proof of figure of 2 million. Most Jews considered the Soviet Union as bad as or worse than Germany.

    18. See 16.

    19. I won’t answer this as the question is truncated.

    Do you want to post me the rest of the questions or have I shown enough to prove to you that the people posting these "statements" are a bunch of lying low lifes with a political agenda which is mostly accomplished by lying through their teeth?

    If you want me to answer the rest of the questions please give me a link. I am available to contact thru YA!

    Source(s): 30+ years of WW2 research including trip to KL Auschwitz
  • 5 years ago

    The Holocaust hoax is a forensic failure. It is becoming more popular than ever to point out that the official story (like 9/11) makes no sense. Going from there, the reality - that the whole thing could have been fabricated -becomes obvious once you narrow down the sources and forensic value of all that evidence .

    Basically the whole thing will be looked at by people who weren t taught the facts from some Texas Textbook in 3rd grade, and none of them will have the same motivations as other posters in this thread to deny at all costs holocaust denial.

    Here s where I d start

  • 7 years ago

    >Yes the first concentration camps were

    >set up by the British during the Boer War.

    >A Matter of Historical fact.

    Ray, I dispute this.

    It is hard to say exactly who invented concentration camps but

    the first clear example I know of is Spain's Reconcentrado Policy

    in Cuba in 1895, which pre-dates the use of camps by the British in Second Anglo-Boer War by four or five years.

    Here's a description of the Spanish camps taken from a Speech

    by a US Senator, reproduced in Clara Barton's THE RED CROSS,

    entitled 'Concentration Camps of Cuba 1895-1898'.

    Gruesome pics here:

    Unfortunately the Nazi propaganda that the British invented

    concentration camps is more popular than the facts of history.

    "The persistent belief that the British invented concentration

    camps has been the war's most enduring propaganda issue."

    Propaganda and Mass Persuasion: A Historical Encyclopedia,

    1500 to the Present By Nicholas John Cull, David Holbrook

    Culbert, David Welch.

  • Ray M
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    Start with #1

    What proof exists that the Nazis killed six million Jews? None.

    False. The very beginning of this list is wrong.

    Look up about the teeth, hair and skin taken from victims. Some people had Jew skin wallets... nasty, eh?

    Do a google search for Jewish Extermination Photos. Grisly, eh?

    I don't know if you are trying to deny it or just asking for input on this list (but the name Hans leads me to an opinion on that), but anyone trying to deny the Holocaust is either delusional or seriously prejudiced against the Jews.

    After #1, what's the point of looking at any others?

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    And so the Nuremberg Trials were about what?

    At some point reasonable men using common sense acknowledge an atrocity did happen and is reported by human beings. Whether it was first hand accounts of the victims that appear to be ridiculed by some or authenticated reports of the criminals in a court of law that cannot be dismissed offhandedly. It doesn't matter how it was reported. It matters that it did happen in human history and that it never happen again.

    Mark Weber is the founder of the Institute for Historical Review

    Find out his agenda for such a review of history. Does he wish to rewrite it? Or does he wish to let it stay as it is so that the truth can justify the victim and punish the criminal.


  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I beleive it's to ease their minds. If the Jewish people died of cold or disease or overwork, it's easier to accept than that the government put the people onto trains and took them away to kill them. Turning a Jew in was no more than calling animal control to come get a stray dog to some people--Jews had lost their humanity is some people's eyes and were nothing but a nuisance or a threat--but when it finally came out that the person was tortured, buried alive or shot, it shocked the betrayer, who never thought it would come to that. Rather than face the facts, the betrayer would rationalize or deny it, claiming the Jewish family made it up to gain sympathy and donations and support.

  • 1 decade ago

    This question is truly horrific and evil. How dare you disrespect the suffering of those poor people. If we forget or deny it may happen again.

    There is more proof than is palatable for anyone with a heart.

    As for differences in accounts/recollections, well they had different experiences, besides which if 12 people witness an accident are you aware that you will have 12 contradictory accounts, ask any legal boffin.

  • Anonymous
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    Looks like someone is in the Christmas spirit alright.>sigh< okay,look at all the pictures,historical documentation,etc....or better yet go see the Auschwitz camp,and talk to the curators if you want proof. Seeing is believing.

  • 1 decade ago

    Questions such as this drive me crazy. Of course there is proof, reams of written proof and tons of physical proof. If one is not an idiot, why pray tell would they try to re-write history so as to remove one of the most significant horrific events of our world. Could it be shame? Make it "go away" as though it never happened?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yeah piles of bodies don't mean anything hmm?

    Nor the fact that I have family members that saw the holocaust first hand

    my Response..

    Bite me.

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