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Do you think its possible for humans to be able to read each others minds?

im not saying that you would be able to read thier every thought just being able to sense and guess correctly what they are thinking


Don't go saying i'm crazy for asking this i'm just curious :)

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    hmm well i do sometimes wonder what 2/3s of our brain is for, seeing as studies show we only use 1/3

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    No, it is impossible to read anyone elses mind/thoughts. This is the one thing that no one can ever take from any one of us. Our thoughts are very much our own and change from minute to minute. People that try to do this or say they can are using a very skilled form of behavioural tactics, or what is the most common behaviours in humans as well as psychological profiling and familiarities...... And no dear, you certainly are not crazy for asking this or any other question. ...Have a great day..

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    Absolutely impossible =]

    It may seem that we always have common thoughts concerning things that just happened, but everybody has their own personal aspect to it. By personal aspect I mean it as a culmination of every event that occurs in one person. Events can cause a person to have a different perspective, feeling, etc. Since a person doesn't experience another one's same personality it cannot draw up the ideas of a person who had events that the person trying to read the mindz never had. It's impossible to share the exact things so therefore we will always have different results coming from it, no matter how similar.

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    Actual I'm reading your thoughts out of your head? No

    Watching how you move, what you say, how you say it etc and determining what your probibally thinking? Yes

    Watch Daren Brown at work, if you look closley you can see him reading body language, asking diagnostic questions, trying to provoke reactions.

    So yeah you can but your more reading the mind though there body.

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    Don;t know about reading someone else's mind but my husband and I often think of doing the same thing at the same time! He will often start talking about something which I was actually thinking about and vice versa - we say that we have been together for so long (over 32 years) that we are "telepathetic"!!

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    Sort of, one trick that works for me when I need to catch someones attention in a crowd is to imagine the view of them as if I'm standing immediately behind them, 90% of the time the person will look towards the view I'm thinking of, just as if they are being stared at.

    Another trick which works for me is when I see an attractive women I fancy, before I introduce myself I imagine us passionately kissing, it always seems to improve my chances.

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    good question

    I am not sure but I do believe we have the ability to train our brain to do so many things we only use a third of our brain so who knows what the other two thirds are capable of doing

    Twins have the connection to know what the other is thinking especially identical twins

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    reading each others minds= NO

    but a certain level of synchronicity is possible to the point where you might be fooled into thinking that mind reading is occuring

  • I know some people are going to say 'I knew you were going to say that!' or some equivalent remark but no - body language yes, you can tell what someone is feeling but what they are thinking. No

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    Ermmm... no i don't think so.

    But what people probably can do is look at another persons attitude and body image and they way they are acting. these things can tell them if they are excited, nervous angry about something.

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