Are you ready to be "tracked & traced" by the all powerful State?

Many years ago, so called "conspiracy nuts", were writing in their books which sought to expose a great conspiracy where Powerful Elite Groups of "Families" were seeking to destroy Western Democracies and slowly introduce a New World Order where the population would all be "micro chipped" with RFID tags.

Of course at the time this was almost unimaginable to most, so the immediate response by many was simply to laugh at such a suggestion, ridiculous, those tin foil hat wearing nutters are so dumb man....yes, that was the response, generally.

However, when we do some investigating of our own, and step back from the usual sources of information (propaganda - public relations) what we find is that this type of thing actually IS GOING ON!

Check this for starters:

Of course many will still deny there is such a group of shadowy figures who are seeking control of the World by a ruse, or coup using "terror" and "financial collapse" and many other "Events" to justify WORLD GOVERNMENT (total control in the hands of the few).

I would suggest we get a hold of reality and hold on to our hats, because the momentum of this train is stronger and moving faster than it ever has before.

Watch this:

Your thoughts....

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Don't worry your little mind with such big issues--the government wants to take care of you.

    We must be good citizens and cooperate with the government leaders.

    Seriously--the gov database is almost complete now they need the DNA database Bush wanted and the health care database too.

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