chances of getting rocky mountain spotted fever?

i live in san jose, california. i was bitten by a tick that looked like a small old scab with really tiny legs. the bite is about less than half an inch in diameter. the very center is scabbed with dry blood, the immediate surrounding is kinda purple/gray, and around that is some light red. is this RMSF?


it was probably on me for a couple of hours.

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    Your chance of getting Tick Fever are very very slight - but keep your eye on it. We lost a very popular newsman here a few years back to Tick Fever - nobody knew what they were looking at when he got sick - and he died! It was a massive bummer. However, people are bitten all the time by those nasty little things and they don't get it - so it must be fairly rare - OR - people's immune systems fight it off well.

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    In about two to ten days after the initial bite you get a high fever, nauseous and very ill. you start with a rash around the wrists ankles for arms and legs. Then it spreads to the arms and legs torso.

    Source(s): former MedLab technologist supervisor (retired)
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