clorox bleach on hands hlp plz?

I was cleaning something with bleach and then my mom walked in and yelled for me to stop. she siad my skin would absorb it and my lungs could get damaged and now im really scared. So what would be the effects I wasn't wearing any gloves and was in a small cup mixed with water. Also none fell on me , but since I was using a tooth brush like little drops fell on my skin I would always wipe them off on a towel. I was probably doing that for 30 minutes, but after she told me that I immediatly washed my hands like 5 times with soap and aplyed a moisturizers, but they still smell like clorox, at first they also turned red and irriated for like 10-13 minutes , but now just a little sensation. So am I in any danger? What should I do?

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    Here is a copy of the right to know material safety data sheet:

    This what Clorox says about it. READ IT! I bet you won't clean with bleach again.

    I don't think you are going to need to be hospitalized. Hopefully your hands won't be scarred for life.

    Bleach is a nasty product and should only be used for laundry. Other cleaning uses can be harmful to people and buildings.

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    Sorry but I want to laugh. Your mom is overexaggerating. I have been cleaning with bleach for about ten years. You will not stop breathing unless you swallow the bleach. The only thing that will happen is your skin might get irritated and turn red and itch. You said it was dilluted with water, you are fine. You washed your hands afterwards. Nothing to worry about.

    Source(s): Has been cleaning with bleach for over ten years.
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    To remove bleach smell from hands (and that slimy feeling) pour a little vinegar or lemon juice over your hands then rinse. (bleach is alkaline, vinegar and lemon are acid, so they cancel each other out and balance the pH of your skin.)

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