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why do i see my late mother in my dreams...often ?

my mom left for heaven..on 15th sept 2009, it was a shock to us...bcuz 1 hr before she was laughing eating and suddenly she vommited and wen we took her to doc they said, she is no was a hrt attack...i dint see her dream for next 13 days...but then...

dream 1 :- i saw her coming her into her room, and she is worried bout my bro...and im tryin to make her understand u have got a 2nd life..plz dont worry bout anythg in life now...

after some days i saw...

dream 2 : im hugging and kissing my mom and tellin her...who will takecre of me now...plz take me wid u...she tells me..thr r plenty of people(my relatives) to takcre of u...dont worry...

last night i saw..

dream 3 : im holding her feet and begging her to not to go...and she is telling me...why r u making it so difficult for me...? plz let me go....

i know all this dream mean the emotional turmoil, im goin thru... but wot i really want to know y mom spirit really around me...and am i forcing her to stay back...without her will...

also, at times i get this errie feeling tht i will c my mom ghost...particularly her dead face..why am afraid of my own mother ?

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    I have delt with the same thing you have. I had a friend that passed away on may 17 and after several days I had alot of dreams about her. I wouldnt and couldnt accept the fact that she passed. But then once I fully got to realize that I cant change anything, the dreams stop. I get the feeling that I am going to see her in ghost. But it just hasnt happened.

    The reason you are afraid of your mother is because you have not delt with these things in daily life. You dont see ghost daily. Its not normal.

    Source(s): I have felt your pain
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    Losing someone as close as that is like losing an arm or a leg. Victims often feel the missing limb even when it is not there. Like them, you wish your mother would just go away. You feel her, but she's starting to hurt. You are not crazy. However, this would be a good time to visit a psychiatrist. You are experiencing something like "phantom pain." There are ways to deal with it. The doctor will tell you how to tell your brain to adjust to the missing body part (which in this case is your mother).

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    according to the book I just bought, "The Mystical Magical Marvelous World Of Dreams" by Wilda b. Tanner, it says that communicating with the dead is not a strange thing. is just that you might not have made peace with your Mother before her departure. take the time to figure out what's triggering your Mom coming to your dreams. plus, if you see your Mom as a ghost, don't be afraid, just talk to her & find out why she is still with you (nothing bad about it).

    hope I helped. =/

    Source(s): me, myself, & I also, "The Mystical Magical Marvelous World Of Dreams" by Wilda B. Tanner bought it at Barnes & Nobles under the Self-Improvement Section
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    Her spirit is alive.

    She is still here watching you guys.

    answer mine?;_ylt=AnHq5...

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