what is witch craft and may it open portals?

ive seen many shows and wanted to know more and definetly will not try it but i have curiousity.

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    answer: the act of raising energy, directing that energy towards a specific goal, releasing the energy, grounding any excess back to the earth.

    Much like very focused prayer.

    No, it doesn't open "portals" - stop watching bad horror movies - there isn't an accurate show or movie about witchcraft or Wicca

    1) Ignore the fundies saying you’ll go to hell and are opening yourself up to demons. They don’t believe in either.

    2) Get the book: Wicca, a Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham (Amazon.com used books is a great resource)

    3) Avoid Silver Ravenwolf, DJ Conway and most Llewellyn books

    4) Do NOT pay for lessons over the internet. You can’t ask for references. Do NOT give out personal information to anyone over the internet. Get a PO Box.

    5) www.witchvox.com http://wicca.timerift.net/

    6) Learn and keep learning about various paths in paganism.

    7) get the book: "Drawing Down the Moon" by Margo Adler (an older book that's a little dated, especially concerning Asatru but a good resource) - it gives an overview on a lot of pagan traditions. Might help you narrow things down.

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    "Wicca is the religion practiced by witches. No, they don't fly around on brooms or wear a big, black hat. They worship nature and don't believe in hurting anything, even insects. Wiccans heal illnesses with herbs. Find out more about modern day witches below."

    It may "open portals" of open-mindedness if look more into it.

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    witchcraft has nothing to do with what you see in movies and TV or read in popular fiction.

    perhaps a very powerful mage could open a portal, but such a person would certainly know better than to try something that stupid. even if it were possible, it would require such a deep level of knowledge and awareness of the universe that the person capable of it would surely have better things on his mind.

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