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Maps of China in Hong Kong?

If I were to buy a map of China in a Hong Kong bookstore, what would be the most likely situation?

1) A map of one China, including Taiwan(and the other territories controlled by the ROC) being presented as a province of the PRC.

2) A map of two Chinas. One being the PRC (w/o the island of Taiwan). The other being the island of Taiwan, labeled as the Republic of China (ROC).

3) A map of a China and a Taiwan. Self-explanatory.

And how would Hong Kong(and Macau) fit into the map? Would it be presented simply as a large Chinese city like Beijing or Shanghai? Or would it have a special border, colour or label to indicate its SAR status?

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    Hong Kong is the freest port and market on earth, presumably customers will be able to find what they look for. Hongkongers are fun-loving and hardworking but arent too keen in politics, thank God that they dont carry much of the historic burdens nor political sufferings behind them either, so you'll find Hongkongers are much more rationale and analytical in dealing with sensitive things and will never over-react like their counterparts in the Mainland.

    Your question is quite self-explanatory too. HongKongers and Mainlanders indeed come from completely 2 different world particularly for those Mainlanders that were born before 1990 and have never lived in the outside world.

    Things such as maps are just symbolic which doesnt mean much, for instance you could paint Taiwan the same colour as Beijing but the whole world knows pretty well that at least in this year or even the next decade it's NOT going to happen, right? On the other hand if you ask Hongkongers whether they feel Taiwan physically belongs to "China", you bet they'll all say yes. Frankly if Chairman Mao is better skill in negotiations and for the sake of reunifications, he should have negotiated with Chiang than war between 1950s - 1970s for the reunification, then there'll be no more question such as this one, agree?

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    Depending on what you would like. GUILIN It'll give you a glance at the REAL china. Not the plastic stuff they show you in Shanghai, all perverted and westernized (not that's bad, but it's not the REAL China). I remember when I was there, I specifically remembered the water. My grandmother says there's something magical in the water. Granted she is superstitious, and older Chinese tend to be... I went out for a walk, and I do blend in relatively well (as I am Chinese). No one really stared at me, but if you are white and walk through the streets you WILL cathc people's attention. Either way, I walked through the streets and saw an old woman killing snakes with her hands (probably for snake wine), a Chinese restaurant (which is really like a huge picnic table and a stove...and you sit with strangers), and a woman selling Lychee for really cheap. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Guilin. HONG KONG I haven't ever personally been to Hong Kong, but I've been to Shanghai, Tokyo, Beijing, Manila, blah blah blah. But I can tell you people there will be more accepting of you because it's a large city and they'll be used to the experience. Hong Kongers also have more favorable attitudes towards westerners, most (if not all) will speak English. The City will offer ALOT to do, and the flea markets are something I would visit (although they will try and rip you off). Hong Kong is a big city, and has a lot to offer. IF you're a first timer and have seen the large eastern asian Cities (IE: Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul, Osaka, Sapporo, Nanjing, etc.) then it's not going to be anything THAT different. on a side not: I would actually recommend going down to a Southeastern Asian city, as those have a totally different feel. Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta, or Kuala Lumpur. Those show an entirely different face of Asia.

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    It's depend on you, just choose the one which will be useful to you.

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