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SAT preparation Online Tutor?

I need help prepare for SAT. Can you guys give me a link, for online tutor for SAT?

I want a paid online tutor but a really good one.

Please recommend me a good SAT online tutor. I need someone who has full preparation and like a really good tutor. I dont care how much they charge as long as their really good at preparing students for SAT. Thanks!!!

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    There are a lot of programs that offer online SAT tutoring.

    I do, for example -- my website is -- and my Skype/distance rates are lower than my in-person rates. That should always be the case, because online tutoring is not as efficient as in-person tutoring. With a good tutor, it can be very effective, but there are some things that are harder to do online.

    I actually don't know if the big companies offer live online tutoring. But if they do, you should check them out too. The Princeton Review and Kaplan are both reputable companies and if they offer that, it's worth exploring that as an option.

    I've also been impressed in the past with the resources available on the ePrep website. They have an online course (though I'm not sure it's live) and they also have an SAT podcast. I've listened to a bit of it -- it's free -- and liked what I heard.

    Whatever tutor you choose, be sure they have specific SAT experience and are a good match for your personality and learning style. You will know very quickly, probably after the first lesson, whether you've found the best tutor for you.

    Best of luck!

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    Of course you Can

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