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Environmental Science Fair Project Ideas?

Okay, The science fair is in February so I have time. I am looking for an original, oustanding, award winning science fair project. Please no links to websites. The science project has to be environmental (Earth Science.) - I am totally 'Going Green'. Also can you include LOT'S of Detail? Also it is for Middle School.

Thanks SO Much!! ( Best Awnser Gets 10 Points!)

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    Hey I sorta a science geek and in Australia we had a project to build a totally self sustainable solar boat. with this project groups from across the counrty were given a kit of a remote control, foam, four solar panels and a moter to build with. My group came secound in the nation, an i can tell you that aswell as being heeps of fun it was a great way to raise awarness about how solar electricity is a viable option.


    BTW the boat was a 1:10 scale so about 30 - 40 cm

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    your missing the best part of the science project!!!

    to think out ur own project!!

    Try thinking about global warming projects and some other past science experiments/ projects that you've done!! :)

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