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Pinhole Phimosis, How much does it cost to treat and is there any other treatments other than circumcision?

I have pinhole phimosis, I am wondering what kind of treatment (other than circumcision) that I could get, and if it costs anything to get treatment if it happens to go to surgery. answer quick please!

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    stretching rarely works

    you need to go see a doctor to get this sorted. they may give you some cream to soften the foreskin but won't all ways work.

    you may have to get circumcision to help it

    it is a short op a in and out job ( 5 hours in hospital that’s in the UK )

    Getting cut later in life will not leave much of a scar if any.

    you could get a dorsal slit but that will leave a lump of skin under the head of your penis and it can look very odd

    for the misinformed it is NOT male mutilation an the only thing you lose is the foreskin and nothing else

    BUT i don't think it should be done to baby's unless it is needed.

    i know i will get thumbs down from some but this is what i know NOT what i have read on the inter net like some do

    I had restored my foreskin and the feeling was no different from when I was cut, but ended up having to get re-cut due to medical problems again.

    Source(s): cut at 18 and 31 for medical reasons ( yes you can be cut more then once ) and it still works and feels the same i know this to be true as i have known it from both sides and being cut at birth is not the same See these link for true life story’s from men who are happy to be cut (these links are for over 18's only not my problem if you look) And here a link for the benefits of getting cut
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    As the very intelligent and informed man said above, stretching is next to hopeless. Especially with the way you're describing your condition.

    because it's already pinhole... at this point you have two (well technically three) options.

    // Rational decisions

    1. Get cut.

    2. Get a preputioplasty. This surgery lets you keep your foreskin, while making it functional again. Be warned though there has been a lot of controversy about the effectiveness of this operation.

    // Irrational decision (based on the fact that you have pinhole phimosis)

    1. Hopelessly try to stretch your skin for months (perhaps years) and during this whole time be vulnerable to infections and fungi that can develop under the foreskin.

    Advanced phimosis in teens/adults is a PATHOLOGICAL condition which means it's more than likely to come back even if you somewhat end up fixing the problem.

    I don't mind anti-circumcision activists, their intention is right, but most of them are irrational and misinformed. I know a physician and he has seen many cases in which boys got infected because they couldn't retract their skin. And once you're infected, how can you possibly cure it? You CANT apply anything to the infection since you don't have access to your glans!!!

    I got cut at 18, I felt ZERO pain at any given time after or during the surgery and almost no discomfort.

    As for the cost of the operation, it depends where you live. I'm from Canada so it was "free" of charge and covered by our health care system. Check with your local hospital RIGHT NOW!

    Source(s): Had severe phimosis when I was younger. For years, I read anti-circumcision propaganda and tried stretching daily with no results what-so-ever. Got cut at 18 and I must say it's probably the best decision I've made for myself. I've seen both sides so I'm one of the few qualified people to be able to talk about this on this website.
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    This Site Might Help You.


    Pinhole Phimosis, How much does it cost to treat and is there any other treatments other than circumcision?

    I have pinhole phimosis, I am wondering what kind of treatment (other than circumcision) that I could get, and if it costs anything to get treatment if it happens to go to surgery. answer quick please!

    Source(s): pinhole phimosis cost treat treatments circumcision:
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    you need to stretch your foreskin

    For men and boys with a tight foreskin that can not be pulled back to uncover the head of the penis, this problem can be easily fixed by gradually stretching the foreskin over a period of weeks. Stretching the foreskin works in more than 9 out of 10 cases, making surgery to the penis, such as circumcision, unnecessary.

    Keep in mind that it is normal for infants and children to have a tight foreskin that can not be retracted. There is no need to retract the foreskin to wash under it until the boy can do so comfortably himself. Most boys can retract their foreskin by puberty, but for those who can't, gradual stretching is an easy solution.

    When trying to stretch your foreskin, the most important thing to realize is to do it very slowly. It will take a few weeks to a few months to acheive results, depending on how often you stretch it and how tight your foreskin is. You will want to gently place a finger or two into the opening of your foreskin and gently apply continuous pressure. Make sure you do not feel pain. Pain indicates you are causing damage to the foreskin.

    Using a topical steroid cream is essential when stretching. Clinical trials have shown that gently stretching the opening of the foreskin and applying a topical steroid cream twice a day is a very effective treatment that works in over 9 out of 10 cases.

    You should apply the cream to the tight part of the foreskin inside and out twice a day. It's also good to apply the cream while you stretch as this helps the medication penetrate the skin.

    Betamethasone cream 0.05% is generally used and works best. It is available by prescription from a doctor in the United States, and it is available without a prescription in some countries. (Betamethasone cream should be used if at all possible, but if it is impossible for you to obtain it in your area, hydrocortisone cream 1.0% could be used instead. However, the best chance of successful treatment is with betamethasone.)

    It is important to continue the stretching without skipping days. Just make sure you are not causing any pain, tearing or bleeding.

    Also, it is important to never force the foreskin back over the head. If the foreskin becomes stuck behind the head while you are hard, then is called paraphimosis. If the skin gets stuck back while you are hard and you can not get the foreskin back over the head, this is a medical emergency, and you must go to an emergency room immediately.

    Here is a basic summary for how to stretch your foreskin:

    1) Stretch the opening every day for 15-20 minutes twice per day. The more time you spend stretching it the faster it will work.

    2) Go very slowly. Stretch it firmly, but don't make it hurt. If you feel pain or have bleeding or irritation, stop for a while and use less force. If you feel pain, you're stretching it too hard.

    3) Use betamethasone cream 0.05%. Apply twice a day to the tight part of the foreskin. Applying the cream while stretching works well.

    4) Never force your foreskin back. You don't want it to get stuck behind the head. That is paraphimosis, and it requires immediate emergency medical attention.

    5) Be patient! It may take months for you to get your foreskin stretched enough to move on and off the head easily. Even though it takes a long time to stretch, its way better than getting circumcised, which requires getting your foreskin cut off, is painful, and makes your penis less sensitive to sexual pleasure.

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    You will need steroid cream from your doctor without a doubt. You will have to get a fully erection then pull the skin back as far as you can WITHOUT pain and hold it there for 10 mintues or more (the longer the better. Usually I reccomend 5-10 but you need to go for 10). Then do that at least 3 times a day. With the cream use you will be lucky to fix the problem in under a year.

    Phimosis takes lots of patients when it's this extreme. But stick with it.


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    You don't say how old you are

    but yes there are certainly treatments that don't need circumcision.

    A link you may find helpful, go and read thru and see the options available


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