How well must linoleum adhesive be removed before laying ceramic tile?

I have pulled up the linoleum in my kitchen, but have lots of what looks like the linoleum backing (looks like paper) still glued to the floor. Can I lay ceramic tile over this or does my floor (concrete) need to be completely free of this and clean?

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  • rob s
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    As long as the adhesive is down tight , remove just as much of the loose paper as possible and large pcs of paper too. This you can do with soaking ( to get most of it,) and scraping . A wall paper scraper with several blades works well. As long as the adhesive is down well , flat you can tile over this with a good latex or a modified thin set . Allow a minimum of an extra day drying before any foot traffic. The moisture has now where to go as fast when bonding to a sealed surface.

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    I have layed tile over the linoleum if it is tight to the floor. It's been years and tile is still down. Now that you've ripped (partially) up the linoleum, you will be trying to adhere to the backing and I'm not sure well this will hold. I've taken a flat bladed ice chipper and sharpened the edge to scrap the backing off. Any loose stuff should be removed.

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    Get a heat gun and a floor scraper or metal putty knife.

    Try adhesive remover after that to get the floor as flat as possible before laying the tile.

    I know jasco works but home depot quit selling it.

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