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in the state of maryland, can you be legally separated prior to divorce?

My husband and I currently reside together (obviously), i am looking to separate, because of financial obligations we can not move out right away. Is it possible to be legally separated living under the same roof?

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    NO - I'm originally from Maryland (where my divorce was gotten). You have to be legally separated (the papers are filled out and filed and become the divorce papers if nothing changes).

    The legal separation time is ONE year - and you cannot live in the same residence. The year will not start till one of you moves out and you cannot live together at all during that year. THEN the papers are filed for the divorce.

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    i live in maryland and my friend is actually going through a divorce now. you have to be legally seperated for 1 year, no sexual contact or anything for a year. im not sure if you have to file for legal seperation but i would definetely check with a lawyer!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ask your attorney.

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