What is the difference in dewalt drill?? why is there so many?

What is the difference between

Impact drives/ wrenches? (small drills)

drill drives?

Hammer drives??

Which one is the best.

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    There are so many just due to the many types of work you can do.

    Impact drivers are newer technology, and are fairly light, so they're nice to use for alot of things, especially driving long screws into tuff woods.

    Drill drivers are the original standby's and will do everything fairly well, but not do the specialty things like drilling into cement.

    Hammer drives will let you use a cement bit to drive into ceramics or concrete - for small jobs that's ok. SDS hammer drives will let you drill through concrete all day long and take just seconds to do it. It's a big difference! It's really amazing actually. So if you're a homeowner, just needing some common sense tool to do 95% of your home-oriented jobs, I'd recommend a drill/driver with a hammer switch (just in case you come across some difficult stuff).

    Dewalt drills are typically the contractor's grade equipment as is Makita and Milwakee.

    These tools are build to be abused all day long and keep going.

    Black and decker, or craftsman tools are good for homeowners and are priced for more value-conscious consumers and that level of work.

    No-name brands are usually good for a few days of work, but you'll toss them in the trash after heavy project if it lasts through to the end at all.

    Smaller homeowner projects can be accomplished by NiCad battery sets, because they'll last for a hour or 2 and give you no trouble. Contractors or builders alway want the Lithium because they're lighter and last 2 to 4 times as long between charges, and you pay for it.

    Homeowners can generally best be served by a 14Volt set of nicad equipment.

    I'd recommend the Ryobi set if you're a homeowner, and either Makita or Dewalt if you're a contractor.


    Source(s): I am a contractor/renovator. www.habidex.com
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Suggested use? Is what you need to ask! If you were building a fence or a deck I would suggest an impact, because it drives screws while hammering and turning at the same time! Makes work easier and less likely to strip screws.The impact drives the screws without the need to push, saving strain and fatigue in wrist and arms, if using for long periods. And a great tool to have around the house! I bought a combo Drill and Impact I`m very happy with it! Mention the task at hand, and the replies you receive will give you many options as what to buy!

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  • Lori
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    4 years ago

    I've been in the trades a long time, and own/use many brands that suit needs. Certainly there are preferences in our species, much like colors, flavors, etc. DeWalt is a quality product ISN"T expensive, has decent backup, and is widely used for those reasons and more. Dewalt can also be thought of as a tool investment that won't "Break you" even when it goes down, and has to be discarded or repaired. You might also consider this,,,as a general example. As I said we all have preferences. Think of 6 different brand names, dismantled on a work bench, components compared. Certainly you'll find differences, and many similarities. I don't buy a tool, or much else going by a brand name, but often from experience. One thing I usually consider, is that Dewalt, at least up to the 14 volt, uses a charger that accomodates all voltages of battery, and even B&D in those voltage ranges, often fit, to charge. If your Craftsman suits you, gives you good service, I suggest keep it until it dies. I keep Dewalt, Skil, Craftsman, Porter, Mikita, Michigan, Ryobi, etc. and use them specifically to a particular job. I do find that "Off" brands such as Chicago, do not meet my needs. Rev. Steven

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  • 1 decade ago

    A standard drill is used for drilling holes in wood or metal. A hammer drill is for drilling in masonry/concrete and will be more expensive. There are also drill made with a switch to go back and forth from regular drill, to hammer drill. It all depends on what your needs and uses will be. You will also find that there are different "powers" of drill motors, especially in battery operated models.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    MAKITA IS THE WAY TO GO....Lithium Ion... the best one is ALL of them... impact is perfect for screws/nut driver.... hammer drill that can be turned off and on to regular is great for drilling through tough material and concrete... example is putting in some anchors....1/2 in is great...if you want to ruin a Unibit.. use it in your impact.. if you want to keep it.. use it on regular drill mode

    Source(s): HVAC installer 18v is good for most stuff... cordless wise... if drilling lots of holes in pretty thick stuff... Milwaukee power drill is best
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